Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Robb's Semi Weekly Journal 01-04-12

Sticking with my nerd journal and my resolution... of being more creative! 

New Year’s week has been primarily DC Universe Online week. Good Ol’ PS3, me and some online buddies beating up bad guys. I finally reached 30th level, only to have the world crash and get knocked back to 27th. But Fear NOT! I’m back at 30th and busting heads in the virtual word. Some of the special villains I took on: Black Adam & Isis, Hush, and lastly the Overlord and Lex Luthor his self. I know, pretty nerdy. But playing until 3 am and listening to scratchy web voices over a headset has been a blast!

Over the week, I also got to see this year’s Doctor Who Christmas episode. You can never go wrong there. Makes me wish I was caught up on the most recent season… but Tracie was kind enough to lend me last year’s Dr. Who Christmas Episode and that quelled me a bit. Loved it by the way. The Christmas Carol theme was pure WHO! And the DVD extras of the Dr. Who Prom was hilarious. Matt Smith’s “live” interaction with the little boy at the concert was so endearing. How can you not love what Dr. Who stands for. 

Netflix has made me become a fan of another show: Spaced.  I'm flying through the episodes... But love it! Also Still doing "Sons of Anarchy, season 3". Who else is gonna die?

Tracie also gave me 2 trade paperbacks. One was Young Justice/Spyboy and the other was Superman/Tarzan. She had a Dark Horse/DC themed Christmas in mind for me. The YJ/SB trade was pure fun, but the Superman/Tarzan book was awesome and mind boggling. A weird Elseworlds take on Superman and the Greystroke legend combined. Along with great art, this was an awesome read.  Thanks Tracie!

Today I got my DCBS and I flew through Justice League #4. And I'm sorry, but this book is great, Just damn fun. I can't wait to see where we go next. And lastly, my brother-in-law and I have decided to collaborate, artistically. I'm forcing myself to be artist and he is itching to make/direct a movie. So I've begun writing a short. I promise to post when it all comes together. (Even if it sucks!) Ok, well till next week. 

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