Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of November 30, 2011

Ah, man... Gotta love 5th weeks, right?

DC (and occasionally Marvel) used to schedule mini-series events to take place during 5th weeks, as they create a gap in the typical 4-week release schedule. My favorite example of which followed the Marvel vs. DC crossover event in 1996 when, towards the end of that epic clash (your miles may vary), the two universes were combined into an Amalgam Comics universe and Marvel and DC co-produced a line of all new #1 issues of merged characters like Legends of the Dark Claw, Super Soldier, and JLX. This all happened before the cynicism of old age began to put its claws into me and having all of Marvel and DC's comics replaced with these new combinations for a week was terribly exciting for me and I was all over it, convincing my little brother to buy all the titles that I couldn't afford with my allowance as well as attempting to collect the Amalgam trading cards while both they and my DC vs. Marvel sets remain incomplete.

Le sigh.

THIS fifth week, however, brings us absolutely nothing. This is a light-ass week by Tracie standards so lord knows if the rest of CBXF even have a single book they're waiting on, this week. I think Monty will be pleased to learn there's a new Skullkickers out on Wednesday but gosh, that might just be it for him.

Due to the rigid structuring of The New 52, DC really only has two books out this week and that's because they exist outside of that publishing plan. Marvel's got a bit more thanks to some books double-shipping this month and Dark Horse slides one in just because those Whedon books seem like they're always fighting to stay on schedule.

It's no matter for me, as I've got a stack of Jason Aaron Wolverine trades I need to tear into, as well as the chance to finally read Morrison & McKean's Arkham Asylum, but if you're looking to try something new this extremely light week, maybe I can help you out.


Both Buffyverse books have been rolling on quite strong but Angel & Faith is the real surprise for me. Rebekah Issacs art is phenominal (which I knew, but this is the best I've seen) and I wasn't sure how well Christos Gage's writing would fit into the style of the shows but it's really quite perfect and the series works as it's own thing, though I'm sure it'll line-up with Buffy eventually.


Alright, guys, this is your chance! You know how everybody's been telling you how great the new Daredevil is? Here's a week with almost nothing else to read so check it out, why don't you! Heck, you might want to read it in your car before you pull away from the shop because once you've finished, you're going to want to go back inside and buy the first 5 issues.

FF #12

Fantastic Four #600 threw down the hammer and now we turn our attention to the kids of the Future Foundation as the two tales separate into their own books. I think this is for the best because Hickman clearly has a LOT of story to tell and I don't think the one book was enough, as most clearly evident in the monster-sized #600 which was jam packed with story, all of it important, with no fill-ins or reprints or whatnot. Hickman has a lot to say with the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS, VOL. 2 #1 (OF 6)

THUNDER AGENTS IS BACK!!! My favorite Nick Spencer comic, after Morning Glories, returns with a new volume, new artist, and special clause in his Marvel exclusive contract to allow him to finish the tale he started at DC. That's kind of incredible to me and shows how much he cares about his work and it's remarkable that DC would let him see it through. Highly recommended if you like darker superhero stuff like Irredeemable without it being tied to a larger universe/continuity.


The Thunderbolts B-team continues to be lost in history and this time they could be to blame for Jack the Ripper! Thunderbolts does superhero (or, rather, villain) comics the way they should be done. If you're not having fun reading your comics, you are probably reading the wrong comics.


The Mysterious Woman In Purple (or whatever we're calling her) shows up in Tiny Titans!


Interesting superhero world politics being set up by Jonathan Hickman, here.


The Best Time To Read X-Men Comics continues here! A classic X-Men villain is back and he's dressing fancy!


Boy once I get caught up on these Jason Aaron Wolverine trades, I can dive into this team-up between Wolverine and the Agents of Atlas's Gorilla Man and that'll be a good time.

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