Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of November 2, 2011

I had myself a little double-feature of watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class back-to-back. I haven't seen Wolverine since it was in theatres and I think I managed to enjoy it a little more having spent time away from it. (and having such a wonderful pallet cleanser in First Class) It's still problematic and a waste of time and talent but Jackman always manages to shine and there are still some nice touches in there. However, I saw the "Wolverine in Japan" alternate ending for the first time and I laughed out loud. Like, quite a bit. And then I had The Eagles stuck in my head.

I forgot that I liked Dominic Monaghan's little role in the film but I still wish we'd have seen him play Beak like he was supposed to. And watching it back-to-back with First Class just makes the Emma Frost thing too bewildering. And not just because I watched them in the wrong chronological order. (because at least this way she got older instead of younger... but then the reverse happens to Charles)

But hey, fun!

Mostly I just want to watch my Jurassic Park blu-ray forever.

But right now, we are talking comics:


It's the Superman book we weren't sure we'd like and are pretty sure we LOVE.


Spider-Island epilogue! I thought this whole event was a whole ton of fun and wrapped up really nicely. Dan Slott is just killing it. ("killing it" is good now, right?)


Totally loving Animal Man. I love the family dynamics, I love the art, I love the creepiness mixed with earnestness.


Steve Rogers mourns Bucky. Again. Written by Ed Brubaker, the king of Caps.


Dug the first issue. I like Valkyrie and the chemistry with War Machine is interesting.


Mark Waid just quietly being consistently awesome.


Moon Knight and Echo versus the L.A. Kingpin!

MYSTIC #4 (OF 4)

So beautifully drawn and well written and different than anything at Marvel and nobody bought it and shame on all of you. Now David Lopez has to go draw New Mutants. You see what you did?? He has to draw NEW MUTANTS, now. SIGH.


--Oh, uh... Hey, New Mutants. Wh... what's up? No, I wasn't... I... I just meant that... Naw, you... You're alright. You... you've got Blink coming up, yeah? That's cool. Blink's cool! Hey, uh, congrats on getting David-- Uh-- Oh, yeah, no, sorry, I'll just... I'll just go now. Sorry.


Steven Sanders is awesome and a great guy and this was THE hit self-published comic of the summer and took the convention circuit by storm (and brought in huge eBay bucks) and now Image is publishing it for a wider audience so you (and I) too can witness the phenomenon about a future where man loves dogs, minerals, and vegetables. And not like, "oh, I love my dog" or "I love vegetables" no, like... LOVE loves them. Looooooooves them. In the... special way.


I don't know how popular these are with "regular folk" but I love the parody/comedy books Marvel subtly puts out there now and again and this one I'm especially looking forward to because it includes work by awesome female cartoonists like Colleen Coover and Stephanie Buscema and stories by Daily Show writers/stars and The Internet's own Sara Benincasa. I like when fun is fun.


I think I'm one of the few people really enjoying this Static book but hopefully with the new writer coming onboard in three more issues, people will come around on it. I'd really like Static to do well.


So pretty, so creepy.


My store hasn't been getting any Sweet Tooth in a while and I desperately need to catch up.


OH HEY it's an all-new Uncanny X-Men #1! Last week's Wolverine and the X-Men #1 was everything I ever wanted in an X-book so Uncanny has some steeeep competition (except it doesn't really have to compete for me, I'm totally there for both). Kieron Gillen's been doing such fantastic stuff, I have no doubt this'll just continue to build on the greatness and be an interesting counterpoint to Wolverine's school.

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