Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC Nation on Cartoon Network in 2012

You may have caught the promo for DC Nation during the Green Lantern premiere last week or all over the internets. If not, here:

This is a pretty exciting little thing because, not only does it feature and impressively varied array of DC Universe animated shorts, but it also ventures to put the comics out there a lot more publicly by featuring comic news and interviews with creators and the like. That's cool you guys.

And the shorts are already blowing me away. Aardman does a Creature Comforts-style Batman short? Doom Patrol gets animated, the Teen Titans return (in chibi form), some crazy dude puts a Batman sticker on his car, and--WAIT, WHAT? AMETHYST???

There is a freaking Amethyst short coming to DC Nation.

You can check out more at the animator's blog.

What I don't see a preview of is the Super Best Friends Forever shorts from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic creator Lauren Faust. (she's also co-creator of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, if that carries more weight with you)

I'm crazy excited for all of this. I love that they're willing to be weird and obscure with these. Well done, DC. Well done.

Now if only I felt like I could recommend more of their comics to the kids who'll be watching these.


  1. Holy Crap, now that is Damn COOL!So impressed. Wow.

  2. First off the crazy guy is part of a series of Gotham City Impostors shorts.

    Second like I said before by the time this comes out we are probably going to have a totally revamped Johnny DC line. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they even have DC Nation as the marquee on the books. This is going to do what all those comic book movies have failed to do, connect the stories they are presenting directly to their comic books roots.

    Also there's Beware the Batman to look forward to as well. I mean who doesn't love Katana and a machine gunning wielding Alfred.