Friday, November 18, 2011

Its time to get things started...

Call me cheezy... but I know others at CBXF will have my back on this... I'm so pumped for the Muppets! I have watched many teasers and trailers and seen a handful of Interviews. Listened to Jason Segal gush over his role in bringing this newest movie to the big screen. It really takes me back!

Now The Muppets take Manhattan, Christmas Carol, Muppets in Space, Muppet Treasure Island and so on, were all great. But I think I grew out of the Muppets pretty quick. I discovered GI Joe, He-man and Star Wars and puppets seemed juvenile. But here is the key. I liked watching the Muppet show with my dad. We saw the first two movies in the theatre together and that silliness was a staple of my relationship with my father. I never had that connection to the Muppets in recent years. 

This new movie seems special. Not since the Great Muppet Caper or the Muppet Movie have I felt this connection and excitement to see goofy voiced puppets doing silly antics, having adult jokes, and throwing in huge Hollywood cameos. Maybe on my next visit to Kansas City, we can see the Kermit and company take on Hollywood again.

I can't wait!



    I've been a Muppet fan most of my life with very little wavering. I think the most wavering I did was simply due to the waning quality than any outgrowth. (I am clearly someone who doesn't outgrow much) I all love the feature films, even though Muppets in Space did not prove very popular with moviegoers or critics. It's the TV specials that started to lose their edge around the time of Muppet Wizard of Oz.

    I really don't think I could be more excited for the return of what I'm assured will be the return of a sharply-written Muppet feature film unless Frank Oz found his way back into the fold.

    Having a passionate, young writer/performer like Jason Segel bring his love of the Muppets to the big screen his a huge draw. His movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall showed not just his love of puppets but his knack for mixing earnest sentimentality with adult humor. Just like The Muppets.

    Can. Not. Wait.

  2. The problem with the modern Muppets is that they were this commentary on show business and the nature of said beast. All the really great and stand-out versions of the Muppets share this aspect. This is why this looks so good it gets back to basics. Even though it is not fondly remembered Muppets Tonight captured this tone too and is honestly an over looked gem.

    And really the greatest problem has been the trend after Jim's death of making the Muppets kiddy-fare, as Tracie mentioned. I mean one of the most famous bits from the Muppet Show "Mah Nà Mah Nà" features a song from an Italian sexploitation film. Hell one of early Muppet Show pilots was called Sex and Violence. The Muppets can be watched by anyone but only adults will really get whats going on.