Monday, November 14, 2011

Robb's Grade Card for DC's Number 2s

I'm not going into as much depth... but since I got all the number 2... here is how they measured up. Don't worry... I won't be getting all the number 3s. Keep reading and see why.

1. Justice League #2: Much Better! Tracie & I agreed, if issue 1&2 had been combined into a single issue, I think I would have been happier. Its turning into a good intro story, but the waiting is turning out to be harder. I'm happy with this book and where its going.  Grade A-

2.  Animal Man #2: Holding steady. Great read. Very Vertigo-ey. Grade A-

3. Batgirl #2: Just not working for me.I want to like this, just isn't my Batgirl. Sorry Gail. Grade C+

4. Batwing #2: Despite me giving a good grade, this just doesn't hold me. I think its a great book, but I find that I didn't care enough to want to keep reading. Grade B

5. Detective Comics #2: Better than issue one, but not by much. Does Batman have to have casual sex in every title? I can't wait for Robin to walk in on Bruce and Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin. Grade D

6. Action Comics #2: No surprise, loved this book and issue 3 was just as good. Grade A+

7. Swamp Thing #2: I think i'm hooked. I like this Swamp Thing book. Grade A-

8. Stormwatch #2: Eh, I forgot what happened. Grade D+

9. Justice League International #2: I thought this got better than issue one. Not a lot better, but better. Grade C+

10.  Red Lanterns #2: Still a decent book, but feels like a mini series in the making, not a full series. Grade B

11. Batwoman #2: I liked this better than issue one. A strong, showing. One of the better Bat-books. Grade B+

12. Wonder Woman #2: Holding up and really pulling me in. Can't help but love this book. Grade A-

13. Resurrection Man #2: Better... Better. Grade B-

14. Red Hood #2: Whatever. God this line up had such potential. I so wanted this to be cool. It wasn't Grade D+

15. Blue Beetle #2: Again, Better. Don't think I'll around for issue 3, though. Grade B-

16. Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2: Eh, not for me. Like the art, but just don't see me following this. Grade C

17. Mister Terrific #2: Nope... You killed all about him I liked. Who cares? Not me. Big disappointment. Grade D-

18.Teen Titans #2: YES, nice recovery. I was super scared this was going to be Tim Drake, agent of "fill in the blank". I'm glad I was wrong. Much much better feel in issue number 2. You got me back TT! Grade B+

19. Nightwing #2: This fell a bit. Not a lot, but I'm worried! Its on a short leash with me, but I love Nightwing. I'll ride a bit longer. Grade C+

20. Green Lantern The New Guardians #2: Nice, like this book! Grade B+

21. Captain Atom #2: You know, the art is nice. Grade C-

22. Batman The Dark Knight #2: Tracie dissagrees, but I like this book. I don't love it, buts better than Detective. Grade C+

23. Superman #2: Yeah... I liked this more. Ok, I'm intrigued. What else ya got Superman? Grade B-.

24. The Savage Hawkman #2: And just like that, confused and bored. Skip. Grade C-

25. Hawk & Dove #2: A must read... to understand my disgust. Grade D-

26. Green Lantern Corps 2: Yes, good book. Grade A-

27. Justice League Dark #2: Not clicking with me. Don't know why, not working. Grade C+

28. Legion of Super-Heroes #2 Not working either. Grade C

29. Blackhawks #2: Yo Joe! Its ok. Grade C+

30. Green Arrow#2: Ugh!  Grade C-

31. Green Lantern #1: Staying good, not too much alien cross over crap. I'm happy. Grade A-

32. Demon Knights #2: Not my book. Grade C-

33. Aquaman#2: I so like this. I look forward to this more than most other DC titles. Grade A+

34. Birds of Prey #2: Eh... Its did nothing for me. Grade C

35. Supergirl #2: Yeah, again, better than number one. I'm happy. Grade B

36. Men of War #2: Awesome Cover again. Not into this military feel, but... Nice book. Grade B-

37. Deathstroke #2: Blah, skip it! Grade D

38. Superboy #2: Not as good as the previous, but its still very solid. Good series! Grade B

39. Grifter #2: Sadly this slipped too. Grade C+

40. Catwoman #2: Why? Grade D+

41. Flash #2: Francis Manapul is killing it on this book! Really, really good. Grade A

42. Batman And Robin #2: The 2nd best bat book. I love Damien and Bruce.  Grade A-

43. Legion Lost #2: Confusing... still. I'm dropping. Grade C-

44. Voo Doo #2:  Still holding my interest. Solid fun, weird book. I wish I knew what it was, but I enjoy this book. Grade B

45. OMAC #2: I did my duty and liked it for "Kirby" reasons, I'll never buy another issue though. Grade C

46. DC Universe Presents: Deadman 2: Awesome Deadman story. Great Book! Grade A

47. Suicide Squad #2: Nope...  still not Secret Six. Grade C-

48. Batman #2: Great Book! Top 3 DC title. Grade A

49. I Vampire #2: Slipped from issue 1, but still ok. Grade B-

50. The Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #2: I liked this mush less than issue one. Im kinda confused and annoyed with how different this is from Pre-Flashpoint Firestorm. I'll stick it out a bit longer. Grade B-

51. Static Shock #2: I'm just not feeling this book either.   Grade C

52. All Star Western #2: AN EXCELLENT BOOK. Loved it! Grade A+

Final Thoughts: I find I'm buying about the same number of issues once this is all said and done. I know I'm not who DC was aiming at with this relaunch. But I feel its done some damage with me. Some of these books are better and some aren't. But I'm still a hard core DC nut. I'll be curious to see where they are in 6 months.

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