Sunday, September 18, 2011

OCW - New 52 Superman

So a few weeks ago, I posted the "OCW" (Obscure Character of the Week) as the New Superman. Well I always intended to draw him, but all of us at CBXF are pretty busy. I've been posting sketches as I've gone. Then, I computer colored it. And now I can finally say I finished this today. I took inspiration from the classic "Neal Adams" Superman breaking Kryptonite Chains pose. (See image below) And I spent sometime trying to copy the colors and text to put my own spin on this cover. I'll say this... Some artist have drawn the new costume very well, others not so much. But you can count me as one who'd prefer to draw the "Pre-Crisis" costume over this one. The piping and belt are not easy and I find it hard to make this look like armor vs. making it look like spandex. All in all, it is still a cool design and I'm not one to stand in way of progress. I just wish the new Superman artists good luck in rendering all that detail.  

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  1. Looks GREAT, Robb! Nice homage!

    I would've retitled it "The GD Amazing New Adventures of..."