Saturday, September 17, 2011

I bought it... Blu-Ray Star Wars

When it was announced that they were going to release the Blu-Ray edition of the whole Star Wars Saga, I was pretty indifferent. I have the trilogy, (Both original and Prequel) in VHS and DVD editions. What the heck do I need the Blu-Ray edition for? As the day grew closer... my curiosity grew. I knew George has messed with them and probably screwed something up. Sure this was Blu-Ray, Super Hi-Res quality, Sci-Fi Mecca for home movie watching. BUT, I buy dvds and such for one reason only. The extras. I love the extras. Commentaries, and behind the scenes. Deleted scenes, actor interviews, and hilarious out-takes. Again, I had all that on the DVDs that I already owed. WHY, Why would I buy it all over again? Well, last night I talked myself into it. And here is my review.

The Original Trilogy and Prequels all hold special places in my heart. Each one has memories tied to them for me. Some movies are obviously better than others. Empire is first (A+), then New Hope (A), Jedi (B+), Sith (B-), Clones (B-), ending with Phantom Menace (C+). The quality of these movies is crystal clear. Crisp and clean and just about what you expect. No real ground breaking... I have these movies... I know what I'm getting. If they weren't great, I wouldn't have bought them 3-4 times. Even Phantom Menace was incredible to watch in Blu-Ray quality. I loved em all. Rating B

Holy $%*#, This is the coolest box and presentation I have ever seen for a Box set. The outside slip cover is ok, but once you open it. WOW! I love it. Its a book case with each disk getting a one page slot to hold it. And each page contains a painted image from the movie. I'm super impressed. Rating A+

Special Features/Extras:

I was most worried about this. I have seen EVERY making of, EVERY commentary, EVERY internet special. I had serious doubts there would be any truly "NEW" footage. I popped in the first "Extras" disk and my fears began to be realized. The Prequel stuff... Eh. There were little shorts. A few deleted scenes and animatics I'd not seen before. But really nothing special. So I started to skip around. Disk 2 of the "Extras" Bam! Ok, now we find some gems. The interviews were great. Many I've not even seen before, in the slightest. New commentaries, not heard on the older DVDs. Deleted scenes I've never viewed. By now, I already felt like I had my money's worth. Then Disk 3. This is where I found what I really wanted. Many documentaries and behind the scenes. And the best part, "The Spoofs". almost 2 hours of references tie-ins, and spoofs relating to Star Wars. From Robot Chicken to Simpsons to How I Met Your Mother to That 70's show... All in a compilation. 2 hours. Incredible. It also contained the original "Making of Star Wars" documentary. People... I tell you... If you love Star Wars the way I do. This is a must have collection. The documentary on the 501st was so interesting. It made you tear up and it made you cheer. Seriously. It was so riviting. I'm still watching as I write this and discovering new things as I go.  Please don't discount this collection. Rating A

Overall, this collection has blown me away. I recently got X-Men first class and Thor. Both were good quality in their extras. But pound for pound... $80 dollars for 6 movies, 3 disks of extras and an incredible package was totally worth it.

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  1. The psychedelic Daffy Duck yell to scare away the sand people was my favorite part!!!
    Shawn Drapal