Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friendly Fire Episode 14

Matt and Robb recorded some of their thoughts on the last issue of Flashpoint and the First Issue of the new 52!  What do they like and what didn't they like about this new direction of a franchise?


  1. You mean they never shot J.R.?!?!?!?! Flashpoint was all a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoopie!

    Shawn D'uhhh....

  2. Robb, you absolutely MUST do a New 52 report card, since you are a crazy person and have ordered all 52 #1's.

    P.S. I REEEEEALLY wish I could have been there to disagree with you people. Especially regarding Robb's desire for Superman to wear a pouch belt.

  3. Don't keep us in suspense, Tracie. Tell us what you think! I think I might have sounds too hash on some stuff.


  4. I want to see the whole CBXF gang in a pouchbelt.
    And yeah, I'll do a 52 report card! Great idea.