Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friendly Fire Episode 16

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  1. Personally I have gone by the STAS pronunciation of Mxyzptlk. Just sounds right to me.

    As for the elephant in the room, while I haven't read Red Hood and the Outlaws yet I am going to stay with the book. I get all the complaints and understand them even though I am not a Titans fan. But I am willing to give Lobdell a chance to fix his mistakes. Since honestly I get the impression that DC is actually listening this time. They want this relaunch to stimulate the market, not just for one month but over the long term. This why they are having Nealson conduct the surveys that they are, which is frankly unprecedented in the industry. So while I doubt there will be an outright apology about Starfire I wouldn't doubt if she starts to get written a little different sooner rather than later.

    Overall though I am still willing to support DC through this relaunch (I am already locked in for 26 books for November). That said I am probably a lot more forgiving than most of you. I enjoy schlock in it's various forms, which frankly what most superhero stories are and I love it. I honestly don't care if they are good or not, if I get a kick out of them I'll keep reading. I love Electric Blue Superman after all, that's everything you need to know about my reading habits.

    As for the X-Men it's great that they are finally doing something with the school again. And that someone is finally telling Scott to fuck off. It would have been even better if they did this shit TWO YEARS AGO and weren't charging 4 bucks per issue. I honestly would have loved to read all this if Alonso hadn't made so pissed off that I won't even touch a Marvel book anymore. Once he is fired I'll be back, but not before then.