Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of July 6, 2011

I actually had this typed up last night but I must've been too strung out on hot dogs and freedom to post it.

I hope my fellow Americans had a safe and wonderful (AND SAFE) Independence Day, despite it feeling so very, very hollow without the Captain America movie opening in theaters. Whose idea was it to have Japanese toy robots punch each other over 4th of July weekend?

America needs shirtless Chris Evans throwing shields at Nazis. And, well... THIS.

Ah well. July 22 will come soon enough.

And this weekend we get Zookee--oh eff it.

On with the comics.

Batman And Robin #25

The conclusion of Judd Winick's Red Hood swan song. And my final issue of the series until Tomasi & Gleason relaunch it in September. The Red Hood will be back in September too, hanging out with a one-armed heroin addict and the alien Dick Grayson married instead of Barbara Gordon.

Fear Itself #4

Congratulations, Bucky Barnes, you've made it out of the Russian gulag, now you can-- Oh...

Fear Itself Youth In Revolt #3

There really aught to be a Thor Girl series on ABC Family to have capitalized on the Thor movie.

Flashpoint #3

I have no concept of time. Is this the first issue of Flashpoint we've had since the big "New 52" announcement? Regardless, it totally colors this series in a different light. Especially if/when we start seeing how this series will be used to reshape the DC universe.

Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #2

So if Batman is really... y'know. Then who might the Joker be in this world?

Flashpoint The World Of Flashpoint #2

TSK TSK, Traci 13's dad. TSK TSK.

Godzilla Kingdom Of Monsters #4

The conclusion of Phil Hester and Bruce McWhatsisname's run on Eric Powell's kaiju smash-em-up. Phil Hester needs to draw more comics. Make that happen, Comics.

Irredeemable #27

For being the creator of some of my favorite cheery-funtime comics, Mark Waid sure has a vast imagination for TERRIBLE THINGS to insert into this backwards superhero universe he's created.

Mega Man Spaz Cvr #3

Darn it all, I love this Mega Man comic. It hits all the marks that Dreamwave's attempt from a few years ago missed. It's all the fun videogame tropes of Mega Man mixed with a little bit of a social message. Which is fun to see in a younger-skewing all ages comic. Heck, I liked Mega Man enough that I picked up the first part of Archie's "Sonic Genesis" reboot thingy last week. Hey, everyone has their nostalgia buttons.

Moon Knight #3

The guy on the cover is supposed to be dead but the guy inside the comic is a schizophrenic so who knows.

Ozma Of Oz #8

The conclusion of Ozma of Oz! So glad Marvel seems to be dedicated to adapting all the books in the series and impressed that the same creative team has held together for all of it. Everyone involved seem to have a real love for the work they're doing.

Secret Six #35

The penultimate issue of Gail Simone's brilliant, twisted, and touching bad guy comic.

Spider-Girl #8

Final issue! Except that she gets a mini-series tie-in to the upcoming Spider-Island event from the same writer, so this isn't the last we'll hear of Anya.

Superboy #9

Superboy has been nominated for an Eisner for Best New Series but it's wrapping up soon with just 3 issues left. I'm glad that they've decided to double-ship in August so that the series gets the proper conclusion Jeff Lemire intended.

Sweet Tooth #23

Speaking of Jeff Lemire! His expertly crafted Vertigo series keeps rolling along.

Thunderbolts #160

Thunderbolts versus Super Hammer Power Juggernaut!!!

Uncanny X-Men #540

The Uncanny X-Men versus-- Oh wait. Man, these Hammer Bros. (and Siss?) sure get around. No wonder everyone's afraid of them. But unlike the Greg Land art you'll see on the cover (and interiors), it's this promo art by Humberto Ramos that has me really excited for this Fear Itself tie-in arc.

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