Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of July 13, 2011

This is kind of a weird week for me. And it's weird for no especially good reasons.

Today marks the year anniversary of the day I helped launch the webcomic FIGHT! which has had an unfortunate series of delays and interruptions, on my part.

Then tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Which I'm none too excited about. But my mother will be visiting this weekend and if she really loves me, she'll take me to see The Deathly Hallows Part II and the new Winnie the Pooh movie.

So while both of those landmarks leave me feeling a bit wonky, I do at least get to celebrate by spending a lot of money on comic books.


Amazing Spider-Man #665

I really love Paolo Rivera's cover for this issue. I'm sure it's not at all in reference to the constantly plagued Broadway musical. Also it's nice to see Ryan Stegman rise up the ranks at Marvel.

Batgirl #23

And here we have the penultimate issue of Stephanie Brown's absolutely delightful run as Batgirl. Be ready to hang your batflags at half mast.

Birds Of Prey #14

I'm conflicted over whether or not to pick up the remaining two issues of this series. Gail Simone's off the series with little to no fanfare and while I loved Marc Andreyko's work on Manhunter, I'm not sure if this Phantom Lady two-parter drawn by Billy Tucci is for me. I suppose I'll put it up to the flip-test to see.

Captain America #1

Speaking of fanfare! Steve Rogers is back as Captain America in a brightly colored new #1 with fan favorite writer Ed Brubaker continuing his work with the Captains America and the insanely talented Steve McNiven turning in what I believe is his first series run since "Old Man Logan." There is nothing about this that I'm not excited about.

Dc Comics Presents Batman Gotham Noir #1

Reprinting an Elseworlds tale starring Jim Gordon, noir style, by the gentlemen who have come to perfect such a treatment, Criminal and Ingognito creators Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

Detective Comics #879

James Jr. is back to CREEP YOU THE HECK OUT. With help in the creepiness department by artist Franco Francavilla.

Dollhouse Epitaphs Phil Noto Cvr #1 (OF 5)

I was a big supporter and advocate for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse series and I'm excited to see what more the show writers can reveal about that world.

FF #6


Flashpoint Citizen Cold #2 (OF 3)

First issue wasn't bad. I love the regular-universe Rogues so seeing the differences in this world is interesting. And then there was that last page.

Flashpoint Frankenstein Creatures Of Unknown #2 (OF 3)

I dug the first issue quite a bit. It has a Hellboy sort of feel. Excited to see how the rest of the mini plays out.

Green Lantern #67

OH HEY Green Lantern #67 is here. Now I can read my Emerald Warriors I've been sitting on, waiting for War of the Green Lanterns to conclude.

Green Lantern Corps #61


Journey Into Mystery #625

I'm sorry but Teen Loki is just the best. Add regular Loki, the female Loki, and throw in a severed head and a dog and you've got yourself a Loki Corps. Which I might actually read.

New Avengers #14

The ever lovin', blue eyed Thing has picked up an evil hammer which has made him evil and hammery. Wotta revoltin' development! Also what's up with Mockingbird?

New Mutants #27

The New Mutants versus Sugar Man for the life of Nate Grey, the X-Man! I am the audience for this.

Red Robin #25

Tim Drake versus Cassandra Cain??? I suppose it's nice that between this and Gates of Gotham we have Cassandra back in the Bat-books. Hope the September relaunch doesn't erase her from existence.

Teen Titans #97

Was disappointed to find that last issue did not have the solicited Nicola Scott artwork (since this story hasn't totally done it for me) but it looks like this issue should have Nicola back for the final time on Teen Titans.

Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates #6 (OF 6)

So long, Mark. Enjoy your little creator-owned empire. If you'd stop writing such despicable things into them, I might be inclined to read them.

Ultimate Comics Fallout #1 (OF 6)

I thought the conclusion of The Death of Spider-Man was handled wonderfully and justly. Now it's time for Tracie to cry cry cry.

X-Men Schism #1 (OF 5)

I'd like to consider this Marvel's birthday present to me. I'd consider Ultimate Fallout to be, but I don't necessarily want my hypothetical birthday present to be quite so full of sad. But this, I am excited about Jason Aaron injecting some new energy into the X-Men franchise and moving these characters in a different direction. And he's bringing some pretty great artists along to help him. I expect a lot of great things from the X-Men in the coming months. Kieron Gillen has already been doing some excellent stuff between Uncanny and Generation Hope and I think Aaron's going to push the franchise just that much further. It's a pretty good time to be an X-fan right now.

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