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Tracie's Pull List - Week of July 20, 2011

Sadly, none of us from Comicbook Crossfire will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but--





I feel like we should be allowed to light fireworks afterwards.

But also here are some comics that I expect to be good:

Avengers #15

This is a book written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Chris Bachalo with a Ed McGuinness cover that features Spider-people and Wolverine talking and fighting and talking. It is certainly a book for Tracie.

Batman Gates Of Gotham #3 (OF 5)

So I recently read a modest crapload of Grant Morrison Batman comics and while I may yet expound on the fact that I found most of them to be pretty good, actually, I will still say that Scott Snyder's Batman is the Batman for me and this mini is doing some very impressive building up of the history of Gotham City and the four families that have the strongest ties to it, jumping between the past and the present and featuring just about all of the Bat-family. It's... it's darn good, is what I'm saying.

Daredevil #1

My Daredevil fandom stretches back to Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada's Marvel Knights Daredevil #1 and I've remained a fan through the really remarkable stretch of creators that passed through the book, from Kevin and Joe to David Mack, Bob Gale/Phil Winslade, Bendis/Maleev, and Brubaker/Lark. Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre started off strong enough, but their run quickly began to drag and Shadowland was a pretty disappointing way to end the series. Enough so that I passed on Daredevil Reborn, though I saw some decent reviews of it. Anyway, it was disheartening to have my longtime Daredevil fandom peter out as harshly as it did which is why I'm so absolutely excited for this new series by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin and Paulo Rivera. I'm a fan of all three creators, but it's really the fresh, lively take they seem to have on the book that has me so psyched for this. As great as the above runs had been, Matt Murdock's life has really been nothing but a series of horrible situations building upon each other and escalating and I'm really thrilled to see that maybe this run might be bringing back a little of the swashbuckling Matt Murdock and make the hero--and the comic--less miserable. On top of that, Martin and Rivera seem to have come up with a totally fun and inventive way of depicting Daredevil's powers in comic form. I LOVE when artists find ways to truly utilize the medium like this, where they aren't just drawing storyboards for a film and actually make a comic that uses the kind of storytelling tools that only a comic can use. (unless you're Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim)

DC Comics Presents The Metal Men #1

This book collects all the Metal Men back-ups that appeared in the recently canceled Doom Patrol series, as brought to you by Justice League International creators Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire. I skipped on Doom Patrol but love me some Maguire so I'm happy I get the chance to read these stories without having to deal with the other material.

DC Retroactive Wonder Woman The 70s #1

This is the only 1970's DC Retroactive one-shot I was interested in, really. At least of this week's offerings. And it totally down to artist J. Bone. I sort of wish the art we were getting was more of the full blown cartoony J. Bone I love (as seen in Allison Dare or his work with Darwyn Cooke), but you still see him shine through here, even though he's trying to invoke a particular run on the series. I've never read any of the "mod" Wonder Woman stories but I'm curious about them so this Retroactive book seems to be doing its job.

Fear Itself Deadpool #2 (OF 3)

I've long since given up on the Deadpool monthly series and never bothered with the two offshoots (both of which are canceled now, aren't they?) but Dr. McNinja creator Chris Hastings has the perfect sense of humor and style to make the character interesting again. (outside of Uncanny X-Force where Rick Remender has made DP QUITE interesting) I would happily buy more Deadpool books from Mr. Hastings. And HEY, the MC Hammer cover got resurrected! (but apparently the Gallagher cover got canned now)

Fear Itself Fearsome Four #2 (OF 4)

First issue was decent enough so my weakness for Howard the Duck and She-Hulk (with Man-Thing!) brings me back for more. It's fun to see the Simon Bisley interpretations of these characters as well.

Fear Itself Home Front #4 (OF 7)

Speedball, Atlas, you know the score. OH and this issue throws in some Blue Marvel.

Generation Hope #9

I worry that this series has been quietly being awesome but maybe the news surrounding this issue will put it in front of more people. This is the issue that's been publicized as dealing with teen gay suicides to some degree and I'm terribly curious to see how Kieron Gillen and frequent collaborator Jamie McKelvie (the creators of Phonogram) handle the issue in the context of a mutant superhero book.

Invincible Iron Man #506

If Fear Itself has been leaving you a bit wanting, it's because all of the really incredible stuff has been happening in Iron Man. Seriously.

Supergirl #66

Meanwhile, Mrs. Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick has her second issue of Supergirl. Her first was a lot of fun and I really do wish we were getting more of Kelly Sue on Supergirl... or at least with DC.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #9

Here we have the penultimate issue of Nick Spencer's absolutely phenomenal superhero/espionage revamp and I'm so happy to hear there will be a second volume following this. I LOVE when creators can make me care about characters/titles I've never heard of/know nothing about just by the power of their craft.

Tiny Titans #42

Bizarros being adorable!

Ultimate Comics Fallout #2 (OF 6)

Fallout #1 make me tear up, but I expect #2 will bring the action with contributions from Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, Gabriel Hardman, Bryan Hitch, and Lee Garbett spanning the Ultimate Universe, in preparation for the oncoming relaunches.

Uncanny X-Men #541

Evil(er) Serpent Chosen Juggernaut wrecks San Francisco! Colossus wears a hat maybe! A MAGIC HAT.

War Of The Green Lanterns Aftermath #1 (OF 2)

I thought War of the Green Lanterns had a pretty cool ending, despite much of the story kind of shuffling its feet. (though I'd have liked if DC hadn't chosen to spoil it the day the issue came out) But I don't know how much I care about this "Aftermath" book when it seems like all the REAL follow-up won't come 'til September. Johns isn't writing it so I don't know how much he'll really let happen without his direct hand. If it doesn't look like this issue really ads anything to the story, I may just skip it. Though I really like the Dave Johnson cover.

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