Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of July 27, 2011

It's been 5 days since it opened and I've only seen Captain America ONCE.



Because it was amazing.

Also amazing? Some of these comics, probably:

Action Comics #903

Reign of Doomsday! It's... still happening!

Amazing Spider-Man #666

SPIDER-ISLAND BEGINS!!! Dan Slott is totally killing it on this book. Great Spidey stories.

Astonishing X-Men #40

The X-Men and SWORD versus the Brood! Good ol' X-Men-y fun.

Captain America And Bucky #620

Chris Samnee takes on full art chores as the book gets retitled, adds co-writer Marc Andreyko, and focuses on Cap and Bucky's exploits in World War II. Very excited for this! Samnee is brilliant.

Dc Retroactive Green Lantern The 70s #1
Dc Retroactive Superman The 70s #1

Not entirely sure if I'll be picking these up, but they look fun. And I enjoyed the Retroactive Wonder Woman from last week. The GL is meant to include Green Arrow and is written by Denny O'Neil, so that might cinch it for me. The Superman one looks like it could be fun. And I'm hungry for some classic Superman action.

Detective Comics #880

Batman and Gordon against The Joker, by Scott Snyder and Jock? YESSSSS.

Fear Itself Worthy #1

Short stories spotlighting each of The Worthy, written by the likes of Greg Pak, Christos Gage, Jen Van Meter, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Jeff Parker, and Tom Peyer! Love that Jen Van Meter's been popping up at Marvel a lot lately.

Ff #7

Black Bolt versus Ronan the Accuser!!!

Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost #2 (OF 3)

Bart Allen, lost in the timestream! Soon to be lost... forever???

Flashpoint Lois Lane And The Resistance #2 (OF 3)

So the internet was right when it spoiled for me who the character in silhouette on the cover would be! Thanks, internet!

Flashpoint Project Superman #2 (OF 3)

The internet also spoiled the secret of Project Superman. Maybe I shouldn't hang out with the internet so much. The internet is a bad friend sometimes.

Green Lantern Corps #62
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #12

I ended up enjoying the Green Lantern: Aftermath from last week, but these last couple issues of Corps and Emerald Warriors are on thin ice with me and will have to pass the flip test. I don't know why I have so little patience for these books right now but I do.

Incorruptible #20

You may not realize it but, Mark Waid? STILL AWESOME. And if you didn't pick up his Daredevil #1 from last week, YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE. Best debut issue in a long time and best Daredevil comic in probably longer.

Mighty Thor #4

ASGARD VERSUS GALACTUS! Coipel, u draw so gud.

New Mutants #28

Spotlighting on Magik! Pretty art by Michael Ryan!

Secret Avengers #15

Nick Spencer's last issue! I've really dug his short run but I'm looking forward to Warren Ellis mixing things up.

Secret Warriors #28

FINAL ISSUE of Jonathan Hickman's incredibly epic espionage comic. This is the book that really made me stop and take notice of Hickman and I'm glad he got the chance to tell the story he wanted to and let these big ideas bleed into his work on FF and SHIELD. Amazing.

Teen Titans #98

SUPERBOY VERSUS SUPERBOY PRIME! I'm pretty excited about this, actually. It's too bad Nicola's not doing interiors.

Ultimate Comics Fallout #3 (OF 6)

Spencer and Hickman repave the Ultimate Universe!

Uncanny X-Force #12

TRAPPED IN THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE! Uncanny X-Force has no business being as good as it is. YET, STILL...

X-Men Schism #2 (OF 5)

OH WOW, second issue of Schism already!! I loved the first. I'm soooo happy Jason Aaron is mixing things up with the X-Men. It's a pretty great time to be an X-fan.

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