Friday, July 8, 2011

DCnU... getting closer. Robb's thoughts

Ok, SDCC is coming up and it feels like the waters are calming a bit since the DC re-launch news hit. I've had time to fully absorb this information, look at the new teams and (as Tracie and I discussed at great lengths) look over each book's new creative team. So what do I think?

I'm excited. I really am. I'm not one that was all for this idea. But I understand. I think the timing of certain projects leaves one scratching their head. Why bring back all these characters in Brightest Day only to change their history again? I know we don't know all the answers and not everything is changing. For me, it’s a cautiously optimistic "wait and see". But there is also great anticipation for what could happen. This feels like the days after the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. The kind of buzz and energy and how old will feel new again. And even then, I don't think the "revamp" was on this level. Back then I was new to comics and I still had questions like, "We'll did this happen? Or is that considered Pre-Crisis and no longer in continuity?" And that was around a handful of characters, not an entire Universe. All new number ones. Characters we knew… tweaked and different. I'm excited at the potential.

DC has felt, as a whole… a little drained. In a previous article, Tracie used the word "Senior-itus". And I completely agree. Maybe that was the reason behind the scenes or just subconsciously? We know that many of these creators knew something was coming up at DC. Could they have felt like "why bother, or what's the point"? When us at the CBXF gang interviewed Gail Simone and Phil Hester at Kansas City's Planet Comicon in March, they wouldn't disclose any information past their current story arches and hinted that something big was coming. I can tell you, we had no idea it was something like this. But was this the reason why many DC books felt like they peetered out? Some just felt like they were only maintaining a title and not really expanding on characters or story. There were a few exceptions: Paul Cornell's Action Comics run, Scott Snyder on Detective Comics, Gail Simone's Secret Six was still very strong. Wonder Woman had great reviews, too. Not to mention, Tracie and I raved about Brightest Day by Geoff Johns and Justice League Generation Lost by Judd Winick. I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting, but soooo many others seemed dull, drab and pointless. Justice League America couldn't be saved by Brett Booths art and putting Batman Inc. lost steam by issue number 2. And Green Lantern has become over saturated and somewhat redundant. Were these creators just holding back?

I've listened to a handful of interviews on random podcasts. Jim Lee promises to not let fans down. In fact I think he used the words, "I won't fuck this up." Dan DiDio has stated that each title/ creative team has to have 3 issues in, and promises no one will miss a deadline, or they will be removed from the book. Maybe its exaggeration, but it feels like their hearts are in the right place. I also heard Judd Winick say, everyone is putting out top stuff. No one is throwing a story together and making it work. It isn't not working, they start over… no more Oh well, this is good enough. He said on an interview with the Comicvine pod cast. DC said, push the limits, go as far as you possibly can, we'll tell you when you've gone too far. Guys the excitement in his voice… made me excited about Batwing. BATWING!?? Who the Fuck is Batwing?! And I'm gonna buy that book now.

Listen, I know this won't be perfect. And I'm still not sold on a lot of the news and details I have heard. I'm wondering about some creators who are missing and I also question why so many "untested" writers are getting green lights to attempt a major character? I still need to understand the Oracle/Batgirl story, too. But I trust this move. I respect the powers behind it. The internet and comic stores are a buzz with energy over this. I feel like I did in the early 90's. When I didn't know what was coming, but I couldn't wait to find out. Thanks DC… I really am excited for this change. Now, don't blow it!

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  1. I know what you mean, I am seriously debating if I should get Savage Hawkman or not. Plus Scott Lobdell sold me on Red Hood and the Outlaws with his interview.

    I think by now everyone knows where I stand on this, I have been championing it for the past month now. But more than that I think this is what comics should always be doing. Every now and again you just need to revamp. Personally I believe that every character should have a 20 year shelf life as a headliner. After that they either should be revamped or phased out to allow new characters to take the spotlight. Which by the way is something I really hopes happens here. My biggest hope for SDCC is that DC announces a new Showcase title with some opinion for the fans to choose which feature gets a shot as an ongoing.

    By the way this is the first SDCC in years that I am actually looking forward to news wise. DC's panel schedule is really jam-packed, which I get the feeling DC wants to be the news story coming out of San Diego this year. Plus I think we will probably get out first look at the new DC Direct DCnU figures.