Monday, July 11, 2011

Robb's Top Five: Favorite Characters

Ok, this is a new challenge I pose to the rest of the Comicbook Crossfire group. I'm calling it the CBXF Top Five… fill in the blank. The premise it simple. Someone in the group can post their top 5 what ever… and the rest of us can comment and add our own top five below. If anyone reading has a suggestion of a top five or would like to comment, please send us your emails.
Robb's Top five all-time favorite characters:
These five are my all time favorites. The ones who stick out to me more than any others. If I see they've joined a team or make a guest appearance or get a new title… I'm inclined to pick it up on their name recognition alone. Something about these characters just sticks with me. Who are they?

5) Cable: This one is probably the most debate-able for me. Because in recent years, I neglected my love of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, AKA: Nathan Dayspring Askani'son… Cable! For the longest time, this was my Marvel go to character. Time traveler with direct X-Men linage! It wasn't the big guns and shoulder pads that hooked me. It was his family tree and temporal influence on the X-men. Cable was proof how everything in the X-men universe was circular and connected.

What sealed me to love Nathan was in the miniseries: THE ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS AND PHOENIX, where Scott and Jean got married and were sent to the future to raise the last Askani Son and learn that Rachel Summers is the Askani Mother. It was an incredibly touching story and you learn where Nathan got his moral compass and Scott was able to raise his son the proper and truly loving way.

I got Cable's original series and even loved the X-man spin off that came from the AOA story. Unfortunately I really began to be annoyed with Cable in the early 2000s. I was confused with story and unhappy with art choices, then the debacle where they changed him to Soldier X to avoid royalties. I ended up quitting most of my Marvel around then. I have slowly worked my way back into Marvel and recently, Tracie told me about some rumblings and internet buzz over the "Hope" Story. Made me curious. Sure enough, they were treating Cable with respect again. (Spoilers) And even though they have since killed him off, they gave Cable a proper heroic ending and sent him out on top. (editors note: Cable is one of the possible rumors of a character's return by Loeb & McGuinness… which I think would rock!)

4) Thor: ok, I'll admit I originally latched onto Thor because I thought he was Marvel's version of Superman. As I got into it, I realized I was wrong. They really are nothing alike. Thor can be very arrogant, and have an almost aristocrat feel about him. Even when he is kind and heroic, he was very Godlike. So, why did I like Thor? Walter Simonson. The adventures Thor and his warriors went on. Mountains of fun! I Picked up Thor at the end Simonson's run. He had the coolest supporting cast and was truly a God among heroes. Again this love would come and go. I liked Heroes Reborn and enjoyed some of the John Romita Jr/Dan Jurgens/Stuart Immonen/era, but it was never special. It wasn't until JMS brought Thor back a few years ago, did he click again with me. Thor is best when he has a good cast around him. He's easily written 2 dimensional and can be bland very easily. I have also picked up Thor the Mighty Avenger and it’s a different more earthly, realistic version of a God. His dialog is real and he has loves and real conversations. And lets not forget the successful Thor Movie. Maybe it was a visual thing… the Cape, the long blonde hair, the hammer? Maybe Thor is the ideal Robb designed hero? (Monty, that’s for you)

3) Guy Gardner: I love Guy! I love him. He's a rogue cop, who no one likes and he is a smart mouth to Batman. Who in their right mind is a smart mouth to Batman? In my love of Superman, I grabbed the DC Invasion Mini-series, due to some Man of Steel tie-ins. I was introduced to the whole world of DC hero supporting cast. This is where I met Guy Gardner. What a DICK! Moe hair cut, goofy Green Lantern Uniform, and he seemed to tick off all those around him. In the early 90's, Guy had it out with Hal and lost his Green Lantern ring, then got Sinestro's and his own series. They messed him up a bit, giving him an alien origin. I really enjoyed the stories, but it never felt right. Then Geoff Johns re-ignited the Green Lantern Universe and put Guy back where he belongs. Now he's a little softer and a bit more likable… but he's still our Guy! And will forever remain on my top list. My all time favorite moment will remain the fight he had with Metamorpho in Justice League Europe. Guy had Rex on the ropes… until Metamorpho figured out… oh yeah, I can turn into Gold. Hilarious fight!

2) Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing: This one is not as well known among even my friends. But Dick Grayson as Nightwing is a big reason I love comics today. Superman was my doorway to comics and in my heart, the perfect hero. But Nightwing was the hero I could be. Many looked at Batman as the role they could fill. But even as a kid, I had to play Robin because my name was so close. Robin was attainable and the fun loving, younger version of Batman just appealed to me. Then one day I discover the Teen Titans. I learn that Nightwing took his name from an adventure that Superman had in the bottled city of Kandor. Trying to get out of Batman's shadow and to be his own man. Then I read the series Titan's Hunt… where Nightwing was the only Titan not taken down by the Wildeebeast Society. All the other heroes had powers, yet Dick Grayson was still not beaten. One by one, Dick found the team and took on whatever the story threw at him. Grayson became so cool to me. In the 90's Dick got a new outfit with the "Spidey" like wings and a pony tail, losing the high circus collar. I loved this costume. A sleeker Nightwing! Then he got a Mini-series and a regular series, drawn by McDaniels… and the Costume got even sleeker. Nightwing was the COOLEST to me. He got the ladies, he was buddies with just about everyone in the DC. He had been that kid who grew up fighting along side all the greats and even made his own teams. Dick was who I wanted to be if I was growing up a super-hero. I was a little saddened by his taking off the domino mask and putting on the cowl. Some books were written better than others. Batman and Robin really tackled the weight Dick felt… but other books ignored that it wasn't Bruce in the cowl. Most of the time, you just couldn't tell. Justice League was the worst. I hated Grayson on that team! But change is coming. The new 52 shows Nightwing will fly again. Some new colors, but cool illustration. I like the Bat-glove spikes… but remain skeptical. Can't wait to have Nightwing back though!

1) Superman: Ok, If you know me, you know I love Superman. Period. I have a Superman Tattoo. I have a Superman Man-Cave. I know his middle name. What hooked me. Well we are going to do a podcast on that subject someday. I will say, Superfriends, the Bozo show, The Christopher Reeve movies and underroos all played strong parts in building this connection. But I'll leave it at this… I saw Superman in a beard and I had to know why. (Podcast to come… someday)

{honorable mentions: Kyle Rayner, Flash - Wally West, The Ray (modern), Wonder Woman, Orion, Tim Drake - Robin/Red Robin, Power Girl, Punisher, Night Crawler, Sue Storm, Captain America}


  1. 1) Jubilee
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    4) Jubilee
    5) Jubilee

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