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Tracie's Pull List - Week of May 9, 2012

So, I hear critics and people with money are really digging that there Avengers picture. You can see some of our thoughts, a couple posts down.

It's starting to sink in just how staggering a moneymaker this could be. It really doesn't have a whole lot of strong competition until May 25 when Men in Black III opens. And that could really go either way, depending on how the film turns out and how badly an audience wants to see a third MIB after the underwhelming second installment.

Sure, I'll be there, but probably not until after I've seen Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, which also opens that weekend.

(I am part of that surprsiing crosssection of people who will go see The Avengers multiple times but will also see any new Wes Anderson film opening night)

HEY, QUICK PLUG, if you're in Omaha, NE this weekend, come see me perform in the latest hit melodrama from the Florentine Players, "Only A Miner's Daughter or Curses! Shafted Again!" I'll be playing the villainess so please come and boo me, as my self-esteem clearly needs a thrashing... Thurs, Fri, and Sat at 7:30pm at the Florence Reception Hall, 29th & State St. $10!

Anyway. Comics...!

Avengers Assemble #3

So apparently there is a very well-timed surprise in this issue. And everyone on the internet has already made a schawarma joke. The first two issues of this haven't really sunk their teeth into me (or is that supposed to be vice-versa) but I'm entirely willing to allow a build-up period if this is where things really start rolling.

Avenging Spider-Man #7

Unfortunately, it looks as though we still have a bit of a wait before Joe Madureira's triumphant return to the book (Zeb Wells, too) but Marvel has been kind enough to provide a SUPERB stand-in. Kathryn and Stuart Immonen bring you a Spider-Man and She-Hulk team-up and I couldn't be MORE excited! This is a team-up you don't see very often and Jennifer Walters herself is a character we don't see very often these days. Not since the Red She-Hulk has stolen the spotlight from her.

Batman #9

Apparently Robb has begun to tire of the Court of Owls but I think what we have here is a year-long storyline where the first 7 issues introduce the Court, their history, the stakes, push Bruce to his breaking point, and then with issue 8, it's Bruce pushing back and I expect these next few issues are the all-out battle between the bats and the owls that all of this build up and intrigue and torture has been steering towards. It's playing the long game, sure, but you're taking a new creation and setting them up so that when they break Batman in a way he may never have been broken before, it feels earned more than if they just showed up and there it happened.

Batman And Robin #9

I'll be very interested to see how this book plays into the Night of the Owls. It's been off doing it's own thing for the last 8 issues, and doing it extremely well. But man oh man do I want to see Damien kicking some owl butt.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #9

I am most pleased with this series. Most pleased. And hey, did you guys pick up the neat little Free Comic Book Day tale on Saturday? It was a brand-new short story by the regular creative team of the book! Not a reprint! Also, an amusing crossover happens.

Captain America #11

I think I'm passing on the Cap & Hawkeye book. I gave that first issue a read and it just kind of bored me. And I don't know how you make Cap & Hawkeye versus dinosaurs boring, but there you go. (though they're not "real" dinosaurs anyway) Brubaker, though, he's still got it. This issue features guest art by the excellent Patrick Zircher!

Green Lantern #9

Part of me misses the "heyday" when I was reading and loving both GL and GL Corps and this whole pantheon of lantern characters to follow but I'd be lying if I said that focusing on this book only doesn't help it immensely. It's very focused. Maybe it's just that, before, it felt like even the books Johns wasn't writing were under his purview and telling a much larger story, but it feels like that story is done and he's only telling stories about Hal and Sinestro (and the Indigos) and I think that's a benefit to both those characters. They really feel strongest they have in a while.

Incorruptible #29


Journey Into Mystery #637

Part 2 of the JiM/New Mutants crossover! Thor! Kid Loki! Warlock and friends! (I still need to read Part 1 from last week... I've been busy)

Mega Man #13

Guys. I love Mega Man. Did you get the special FCBD reprinting of #1? Do you agree?

Mystery in Space #1

HEY it's another great-looking Vertigo anthology featuring my pal Ming (Loneliest Astronauts) Doyle! Also Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Andy Diggle, Ann Nocenti, Paul Pope, Robert Rodi, Davide Gianfelice, and Sebastian Fiumara!

New Avengers #26

HOT DANG last issue's Iron Fist/Phoenix tale was spectacular. Haven't read a story like that from Bendis in some time. Very different from the usual (still excellent) New Avengers fare. I'm excited to see where this piece of the AvX story goes. Most fascinating aspect so far!

Punisher #11

We return you now to your regularly scheduled programming of total Punisher awesomeness from Greg Rucka.

Superboy #9

So I picked up that Titans Annual, last week, (part 1 of "The Culling") and I flipped all the way through it and couldn't spot a single thing that grabbed my interest. It just looked like a lot of people I don't recognize fighting a lot of people I don't recognize and I really couldn't be bothered and placed it back on the shelf. How that bodes for this issue of Superboy, (part 2 of "The Culling") remains to be seen. R.B. Silva's art is still a big draw to me but I just can't seem to find any interest in this Titans/Superboy/Legion crossover, nor the Ravagers team that spins out of it. I had high hopes for a pseudo-Gen13 to come out of all of this and this doesn't appear to be what I had in mind at all. I'm still marginally interested in the story of this new Superboy so we'll see how much of that still holds on.

Takio #1

I looooooooved the Takio graphic novel. Two young, bickering sisters get superpowers and have to hide them from their parents? Yes please, sign me up. This is the beginning of an ongoing (monthly?) series picking up with the GN left off and I'm delighted for strong, all-ages material like this with a mostly female cast. Thank you Bendis and Oeming!

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10

Here begins the transition from Hickman to Humphries as the new team of Sam Humphries and Luke Ross step in to finish off Hickman's run before taking the series off on their own. So I guess these few remaining co-written issues will help me decide if I really want to stick around after or if the draw was really the Hickman/Ribic/White combo.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #11

The penultimate issue of Nick Spencer's run! I will miss him but I hope Brian Wood has good things planned. (I REALLY like the new character designs I've seen for his run)

Uncanny X-Force #25

Extra-sized issue! The beginning of "The Final Execution" saga! Remender has created a beautiful thing with this series and I'm excited to see what new places he's taking it. Also, this appears to reprint some stories he and Jerome Opena did in some other comics I don't think I bought.

Wolverine #306

First issue of Bunn & Pelletier was decent. Interesting he would choose to kick off his run with a Jason Aaron creation but let's see what he does with it. I love the unusual Chris Samnee cover.

Wolverine And The X-Men #10

Cyclops' first ever visit to the Jean Grey school! CAN'T. WAIT. Thank you Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo.

'Til next week! EXCELSIOR!

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