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Tracie's Pull List - Week of May 2, 2012

Seeing as there's nothing of any real consequence happening this week, I'll just get right to my picks--




I guess this week is PRETTY OKAY, then, huh.

You can expect Comicbook Crossfire to report from these events. My Avengers report is likely to be an assortment of syllables and bodily functions, neither of which really amounting to words.

On Free Comic Book Day, I will once again be joining members of Shocktrauma Studios (including Brook Turner, Bruce McCorkindale, Rick Hiltbrunner, Fredd Gorham, and Aaron Gillespie) as their unofficial mascot/groupie, doing free sketches for kids, adults, pets at Krypton Comics in Omaha, NE.

Check it out! Get some free comics for yourself/your kids/your significant other and get infected with the disease we know as a pure, unbridled love of graphic storytelling and skintight outfits.

Oh, also Firefly's Adam Baldwin will be there...


Action Comics #9

I haven't been super big on Morrison's little side-trips away from the ongoing story of Clark Kent's first days as Superman, but this one features Gene Ha art and the story of President Superman, riffing on the sort of Silver Age callbacks Morrison likes to make. It'll be interesting (and pretty), that's for sure.

Amazing Spider-Man #685

Ends of the Earth part 4! Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Silver Sable, systematically taking down the Sinister Six. Last issue featured perhaps the coolest takedown of Sandman I've ever seen. Can't wait to see more!

Animal Man #9

So weird and so harsh and so good!

Avengers Vs X-Men #3

Jiminy, are we a 3rd of the way through AvX already? (it's a 9 issue series not a 12 issue series, right?)

Bart Simpson's Pal Milhouse

The Ralph Wiggum one-shot was so much fun and this Milhouse one-shot features Gail Simone's return to Simpsons comics. There's no way I can pass that up! Everything's coming up this comic!

Daredevil #12

AAAAAAAA YOU GUYS CHRIS SAMNEE JOINS THE DAREDEVIL ART TEAM THIS ISSUE AND IT MAKES MY EYES AND MOUTH FULL OF FLUID. If you asked me how could they possibly improve on one of my VERY FAVORITE comics being published today, my answer would be: CHRIS SAMNEE.

Defenders #6

Hot dang, this book has been firing on all cylindars. Just the right amount of quirk to really let Fraction's writing shine, plus a great assortment of artists, this is the sort of weird that superhero comics need.

Dial H #1

As disenfranchised as I'm becoming of a lot of DC's "mainstream" fare in the New 52 (outside of the consistently good "Big Seven" JLA member books), I'm really hoping they can capitalize on the great Dial H for Hero concept, in the way they have revitalized Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I was a huuuge fan of DC's last attempt at Dial H ("HERO" and I'm hoping this one is just as good.

Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz #6

Is this the final Oz book??? I can't believe we got such a consistent adaptation of the series from Marvel. It's incredibly cool to me that the same great creative team was able to stick together for a complete adaptation like this. I would love to see more adaptations of this quality published.

Earth 2 #1

I'm very curious about this. Mostly I am a BIG fan of artist Nicola Scott, but I'd also like to see James Robinson shake off his rough run on Justice League. I'm really not sure what they're going for with this new incarnation of the Justice Society but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Exiled #1

The Journey Into Mystery/New Mutants crossover starts here! Kieron Gillen, Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning team Thor, Loki, and Moonstar's gang! All with interlocking covers!

Invincible Iron Man #516

"IRON MAN NO MORE." While Tony's life, the last few years, has been a series of horrible beatdowns, this one's been pretty thorough. Will this be the moment we see Tony begin to fight back?

Skeleton Key Color Special

I LOVE ANDI WATSON, YOU GUYS. What a brilliant cartoonist. I think this is his first "floppy" comic in 2 years or more? If you love Andi as much as I do, you can read his ongoing webcomic, Princess At Midnight, at Saturday Morning Webtoons! (where I draw a little comic called Funnies Farm with writer J. Torres) It really blows my mind to think that I share webspace with cartoonists like Andi Watson and J. Bone.

Swamp Thing #9

It's a crazy world we live in where Animal Man and Swamp Thing are consistently my favorite books at DC and I'm considering dropping Teen Titans.

Sweet Tooth #33

Again, if you love what Jeff Lemire's doing on Animal Man, you need to be reading Sweet Tooth, cuz he's been doing it there for nearly 3 years now. (and drawing it himself!)

Teen Titans Annual #1

Well, Teen Titans... I dunno. I was iffy on last week's issue... it gave some teases about the secrets of the members of the team, and I am interested in them, but I just don't know how strong an interest that is. This annual kicks off your crossover with Legion Lost, which I have no interest in purchasing. I don't know if this is one of those crossovers where I have to read all the issues or if I can pick and choose, cuz that'll damage my interest level as well. I just... don't know.

Tick #100

The Tick meets Invincible! PRETTY KEEN!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #10

Hot dang I love this comic.

'Til next time! EXCELSIOR!

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