Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of May 23, 2012

I usually like to use my pre-comics-ranty-space as my movie or TV ranty space because these are the things I spend most of my time thinking about...
This weekend, what might be my second-most anticipated movie of the summer, after The Avengers, opens in theatres!
You were expecting Dark Knight Rises, weren't you? Well... that's... tied for 2nd.
Really, it's way too hard for me to choose, and they're way too different kinds of movies to really compare. We'll call Dark Knight my 2nd most anticipated genre film of the summer and Moonrise Kingdom my 2nd (or does filtering out "genre" make it #1?) most anticipated "regular folk" movie of the summer. Though "regular folk" rarely appreciate Wes Anderson as much as they should. And, bless him, he certainly doesn't cater to any lowest common denominator. It's always a major event for me when a new Wes film is released. Even moreso than what will likely be this weekend's biggest competitor, Men in Black III.
I am pretty excited about MIB3, though. Reservedly. I was a huuuuuuuuge fan of the first one but I hardly remember a thing about the 2nd, other than the memory of being pretty underwhelmed and the strong memory of it bothering young Tracie that they changed the voices for the worm aliens from how they sounded in the first film. I think due to their popularity/predominance in the animated series. I plan to pick up both films on blu-ray this week, though, in anticipation. I am nothing if not a faithful little nerd.
But, hot dang, Moonrise Kingdom is going to be the one to hit my sweet spot.
Alright, COMICS NOW.

Amazing Spider-Man #686
It's the penultimate chapter of the really excellent Ends of the Earth mini-event pitting Spidey, Black Widow, and Silver Sable against the Sinister Six and a truly end-of-his-rope Doctor Octopus. I worry, though, that a thing happened in last week's Ends of the Earth one-shot that I will be upset about if it's not clarified/undone.
Aquaman #9

More excellent Aquaman comics and "The Others." Though not the ones from LOST. Probably.

Captain America #12

More Brubaker/Zircher Cap! Also Diamondback! Woo!

Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz #7

The penultimate issue of Marvel's excellent Oz comics! If you're taking requests, I'll happily buy Alice comics done by Skottie or a team of similar quality and dedication.

Fantastic Four #606

Hot dang, Fantastic Four two weeks in a row? Last week's Point One issue was darned impressive. Hickman is in no way coasting as his run comes ever closer to the end.

Flash #9

GRODD of the New 52!

Hero Comics 2012

I always enjoy the creative teams they put together for these Hero Initiative benefit comics. Good cause, good creators!

Irredeemable #37

Wait, is this really the FINAL issue of Irredeemable?? That can't be right. Can it??

Journey Into Mystery #638

The penultimate (I'm using this word a lot this week) issue of the New Mutants/JiM crossover "Exiled." Kid Loki is adorable in his oversized X-Men jacket. NEVER CHANGE KID LOKI. NOT EVER.

Mighty Thor #14

Hot dang do I love this Enchantress cover by Walt Simonson. Gorgeous. Paul Mounts' colors really bring it on home. Also, more into these interesting turns for Donald Blake.

Secret Avengers #27

Hey look now Marvel has a Marvel Family, as DC's Marvel Family is now the Shazam Family or whathaveyou.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #12

Final issue of Nick Spencer's run on Ultimate X-Men! And... the last of any Marvel Comics from Nick? As far as I know, dude's still under exclusive to Marvel but I don't think he has any books coming out though them. Just his Image work. Very weird.
'Til next time. Excelsior!

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  1. If I'm going to be honest I'm looking forward to Moonrise Kingdom more than TDKR because frankly TDKR hasn't got me worked up like the last two have where as Moonrise Kingdom seems to have come from nowhere (for me) and had me hooked after the first trailer.