Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of May 30, 2012

Apparently Omaha, NE won't be getting Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom until the end of June, so... so much for THAT plan.

On the plus side, I was very pleased with Men in Black 3, as I treated my brother to an IMAX 3D viewing for his birthday. I completely forgot that there was to be a 6 minute preview of Amazing Spider-Man beforehand and I'm glad that my chronic lateness still got us in the theatre in time to view this. I gotta tell you, I'm excited for it. Yes, there's still some hesitation, but hot dang I enjoyed that preview. Going to DEFINITELY make a point to see this one in 3D IMAX because it's got the BEST use of live-action 3D I've seen in some time. Very cool. And while my brother was not at all won over with the extended Awkward Hallway Scene between Peter and Gwen I thought it struck as very honest and genuine and cute and I like that Peter is (super)smart and awkward and wirey.

This should continue to be a pretty sweet summer for movies.

You know what's LIKE a movie but smaller, shorter, and unmoving?


Angel and Faith #10

THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT! The incredible Chris Samnee joins the already excellent Angel & Faith comic as guest-artist! THESE ARE THE THINGS DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

Animal Man Annual #1

Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover! The Red and The Green versus The Rot!

Batman Annual #1

A "Night of the Owls" tie-in, which is fine and all, but the REAL reason to get excited about this is that it's the first appearance of Mr. Freeze (one of my personal favorite Batman rogues) in The New 52, as written by Scott Snyder (and James Tynion IV).

Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse

This is an original graphic novel by former Marvel editor (and excellent person to follow on Twitter) Nate Cosby and letterer/cartoonist supreme Chris Eliopoulos. It looks adorable and heartfelt and those are things I like in my comics.

FF #18

The Future Foundation kids take a field trip to the Negative Zone and hot dang I love these books so much don't leave me Jonathan Hickman dooooonnnnnn'ttttt. (though I heartily endorse the suggestion that Kieron Gillen take over as writer)

Incredible Hulk #8

The beginning of "Stay Angry" wherin Jason Aaron and some very excellent artists make Hulk fight a bunch of dudes. This issue: Preacher & Punisher Max artist Steve Dillon draws Hulk versus Punisher which is just an awesome thing to type.

New Mutants #43

The conclusion of "Exiled," the New Mutants/Journey Into Mystery crossover! I would be totally okay if Kid Loki wants to stay a member of the New Mutants. Really I would. (also this storyline has been GREAT)

Powers #10


Superman Family Adventures #1

YOU GUYS! It's the new All-Ages Superman Family comic from the guys who brought you the adooooorable Tiny Titans comic and I AM VERY EXCTIED ABOUT THIS because gosh darnit we need Superman comics that kids can enjoy and that don't depress the heck out of adults. This looks like a ray of sunshine empowering my Kryptonian soul.

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #11

I am totally losing steam on this. The less-Hickmany, non-Ribic-or-White version of The Ultimates is OK. It's fine. Maybe once Humphries is off on it's own, it could even be good. But I struggle to find any reason to care. Which is fine, I guess. The Ultimates has always been my least favorite of the ongoing Ultimate Comics. I'm perfectly happy just secluding myself to the Miles Morales corner of this universe. ...Unless they decide to actually do something with Spider-Woman in this book.

Wolverine #307

Good stuff from Cullen Bunn and Paul Pelletier. Wolverine being Wolveriney and gross things happening.

Wolverine and the X-Men #11


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  1. I'm so looking forward to Superman family adventures. That warms my mutant heart!