Thursday, May 3, 2012

Robb's Cover of the Month for April

So, actually... this is the first month I had a hard time picking because I didn't love a specific cover. Nothing really stood out. AVX Verses was good. And Rags Morales did a nice Action Comics... but nothing was a shining star. So I choose 2 that I liked the cover but one I HATED the insides. Animal Man and Nightwing have been constant staples for me since the DC reboot. But Nightwing has annoyed me. I miss the Nightwing I knew. This Nightwing kills... sure its zombie/isolation chamber/outta time Owl henchmen... but He killed 2 of them. And I don't like that!!! Ok, off my soap box. Both books have (in my opinion) beautiful art. Go buy Animal Man it still rocks!

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  1. DISAGREE! Any Jim Cheung cover is better than most other dudes' covers and his AvX covers are stellar.