Friday, December 30, 2011

Robb's (Semi)Weekly Nerdy Journal

My New Year’s Resolution was to be more creative and contribute better to the CBXF site. So I came up with this idea to sum up each week and what nerdy/geek related thing I did. I also see it as an easy way to rip off Tracy’s Pull list article. Double bonus! Take “that” you more talented, better liked, cooler nerdy girl!

This week is the one between New Years and Christmas. I got an email telling of my DCBS order of comic books being shipped, but I won’t get it until TUESDAY! So I hit my local favorite, Ground Zero and grabbed a few floppys! All Star Western # 4, Captain America #5 & 6, and Voodoo #4. Tracie is gonna smack me, but the Cap books were weaker in comparison. (ONE MAN’s OPINION... suck it Marvel Nerds!) Plus Voodoo is hands down drawn by my favorite new comer artist to the comic scene, Sam Basri. The pages are so Beautiful!  Not saying the Cap issues were bad, just fell short, and not worth the wait considering McNiven didn’t even finish his ONE story arc. Alan Davis’ art was pretty on the new arc, though. Over all I was just happy to read some floppys!

I also hit Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries, when what do my eyes behold??? A SUPERMAN PEZ DESPENCER!!! Yes folks. No longer are Batman and Wonder Woman the flip back kings of DC Plastic candy distribution. The Man of Steel has join their ranks. Along with a New Hal Jordan and a new Batman bust, too! Maybe I’ll throw in a picture here.

Over X-mas I got an awesome Superman Shirt. I really think this shirt’s print has re-inspired me to work on my tattoo design. Maybe, just maybe... this will be the year I complete what was started over 10 years ago? Maybe? I also got the 4 piece DC hero, Target glass set from my Brother and his girlfriend. These are damn cool. I want a few more sets so my Superhero Bar can come to fruition.

Played a bit more DC Universe Online... and talked to Dr. Fate today. That dude sounds like he has a cold under that mystical helmet. Also 30th level villains who wait to pick off newbies are jerks. Just sayin.

Lastly, this week I came to the sad realization... The one thing I thought I preserved in my PC crash, was my comic book collection listing. I have entered my entire collection, once on an excel spread sheet, then again after I purchased the software. Awesome program that saves images of the cover and price, etc. Well I thought that I had backed up that file. Turns out, it was only the shortcut to my file and that too was lost in the great PC crash of 2011. So yet again, for the 3rd time... Robb will enter his comic collection into a data base. (Insert at least 12 of your favorite cuss words here! I’ll start with HAM WEASEL!)

Well 2011 was overall a pretty decent year. I have a feeling big things are coming in 2012. So all of us at CBXF wish you and yours a safe and happy New Year! Stay tuned. More nerdy goodness is coming!


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  1. Do you have to re-enter ALL your comics???

    Also, it might just be the monitor I'm on, but the coloring on your photo makes you look like Abin Sur.