Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robb's Nerdy Loot

With the Black Friday sales over, I meant to post my loot. This year I cut waay back. There is a recession in our house too, folks. But I got some great cheap stuff and I kinda wanted to show it off. First, I finally got that Cyborg (Flashpoint) Figure I'm been eyeballing. That toy just has an awesome sculpt. Then I came across a couple of anime inspired DC Heroines. Wonder Woman and Supergirl. I was indifferent towards WW at first, but the sword and the way she stands has really grown on me. Both are really cool figures. Lastly, I struck nerd gold with my last find. A Superman Glass... with a Cape! No Kidding! This is so dumb, its awesome. They had a Batman one too, but recession. Anyway. Enjoy the pictures of my nerdy goodness!

Once you go metal... (make your own joke)


1 comment:

  1. I love how dapper Cyborg looks with a lady on each arm. ;)

    Also, you need those Superman socks-with-capes to go with your hilariously bizarre cup.