Sunday, October 9, 2011

Robb's Grade Card for the New DC 52

As many of you know, I am a huge DC fan. When the relaunch - reboot was announced. I was very hesitant, but open minded. I decided to read each number one and give an open and honest grade for their new introduction to me and the comic reading community. After the jump check out my letter grade for each of the 52.

1. Justice League #1: This one has a lot of potential. Tons. But as an opening issue for a new universe, it falls short. I understand opening with DC's 2 top sellers, but we get the JLA for big TEAM ACTION and this scratches the surface. I'm also so confused as to timelines and how this is affecting things that are going on now vs. 5 years ago. Johns is a solid writer and Lee has done some special things. All in all, I'm sticking with this title and I look forward to the DCU meeting the World's Greatest Heroes!  Grade B-

2.  Animal Man #1: I knew this title was going to be a different kind of Super-hero title. Tapping into the "Vertigo" roots, its very weird, dark, and intelligent. I loved it! A real fun read. Creepy and interesting. I can't wait to read more. Grade A-

3. Batgirl #1: A solid book. Good art and decent writing, but eh, no real flare. Again, since the relaunch, I'm super confused what remains of the previous version of Batgirl/Oracle? Gail Simone has earned so much respect from me, so I'm giving this a few issues, but its on the chopping block. it did nothing for me. Its not bad, just doesn't connect. Grade C+

4. Batwing #1: Woah! Dark and Real feeling! African Batman! This felt like really scary, realistic, Blood Diamond villains and settings. Its not Desert and Lions and stereo typical Africa. It felt like what Batman would be like in a real African Country! I really enjoyed this, but again it doesn't click with me. Maybe the spin-off Batman Inc. feel kills something for me. Solid Book but I doubt I'll stick around long. Grade B

5. Detective Comics #1: Oooohh, shocking! No, not really. I didn't like Tony Daniel on Batman and I like this even less. His art is inconsistent and odd (not in a good way). And there is no substance to the plot. It just felt like "I got a great last page... How do I get there?" I don' think I'm even doing 2 issues. Blah! This is how people are suppose to look at the NEW BATMAN?? Grade D-

6. Action Comics #1: This is how you reboot a book. This Superman is New and fresh. Its a story we've never seen before, but it still feels like Superman. Wow. I can't believe how much I like this book. It feels like Someone took the Golden Age Spirit of Superman and placed it into a modern setting. One of the top new books of the 52! Grade A+

7. Swamp Thing #1: Yeah! Creepy and Beautiful Art! I was a big fan of the Alan Moore Swamp Thing. This feels like it barrows from him and clings to what came since. I like Alec Holland as the main character again, and the "Incredible Hulk" man in hiding feel. I liked this book more than I expected. I'll give it a try for a while. Grade A-

8. Stormwatch #1: I really wanted this book to be good. I liked the concept and it felt like DC wanted to mold it into an answer to what Hickman is doing on Marvel's Shield. Its not even close. Its a confusing bland book. It doesn't feel like the Martian Manhunter at all. It even makes a "reference" to something that happened in Superman #1. (In one lousy panel) I don't care at all about this book. Done. Grade D+

9. Justice League International #1: Coming off Brightest Day, Justice League: Generation Lost, This book had nothing but strong momentum. Well other than character names... this book has NOTHING to do with Generation Lost. I know this is a relaunch... but if it wasn't broke, why'd ya fix it? I'm so lost at timeline and now I feel like all the good work done with Booster is lost. I was really bored with this. I'm gonna give it one more try. It better dazzle me in #2. Grade C-

10.  Red Lanterns #1: Hey I was ready to hate this book. I couldn't wait to say "pass". I was wrong. This was a quality book. Great art and a compelling story. Some insight on who Atrocitus is and who he is becoming. Never did I think a story could center around him. I still don't see this as a series. But if this was a mini... I'm impressed! Nice job on this! Grade B+

11. Batwoman #1: No surprises here. Good book that I was expecting back in March. I liked what I saw. But Batwoman is heavy into mystery and detective type of stories and this just doesn't speak to me. If you liked the back stories that came in Detective Comics, you'll love this. I just don't feel Batwoman is for me. Grade B-

12. Wonder Woman #1: I have very little in way of complaints here. And my biggest complaint is, I want more. This is great build up and hinting at what may be coming. I like this book a lot. Great Art and super cool action. A little violent, but not over the top. Very solid and a perfect start to one of DC's A listers. Grade A-

13. Resurrection Man #1: One of the bigger disappointments in this relaunch. I was a big fan of the old series. This new book just doesn't re-connect to me. I wanted to like it, but didn't. Grade C+

14. Red Hood #1: Ok, I read all the complaints before reading this title. I knew the controversy. But I really wanted this book to replace Secret Six. It doesn't. It could have. The first 6 pages or so were not bad. 2 guys in a prison break on the lamb... then comes Starfire. Oh, Starfire. They really did mistreat her. I know shes a sexual character, but not mindless, not meaningless. She WAS strong and mindful, now... PASS. Grade D+

15. Blue Beetle #1: Slow start, and I didn't expect a retelling of the origin. But I enjoyed the origin of how the scarab got to Earth and I was super impressed with the art. Fun book, but it doesn't feel as kid friendly as the previous Blue Beetle was. Good book. I plan to stay a while. Grade B-

16. Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1: I like the Flashpoint version of this. I was hoping we would see a bit more of that. Its close, but it lost something. A good book, but its missing something. Don't think I'm sticking around. Grade C

17. Mister Terrific #1: I loved Mr. T on the JSA. I thought he was one of the best creations to come out of that book. I was pumped for him to be solo. Instead I get arrogant jerk who goes around telling people that he's the 3rd smartest man on the planet. Who cares? Not me. Big disappointment. Grade D-

18.Teen Titans #1: It pains me to do this. I know Tracie liked this book, but if I'm honest with myself... I'm unhappy. Its not Titans to me. I'm a long time fan and this just moved too far from what works for me. I don't like how Tim acts or Cassie? This isn't my Titans. Not a bad book, just not for me. Grade C-

19. Nightwing #1: (Big Grin) This is where he belongs. As bad as Titans feels to me, this feels right. I think some writers did well with Dick wearing Batman's cowl. And Tracie and I discussed how Nightwing is a demotion. But to me, Nightwing is who Dick is. This is well written and full of action. Much like!! Grade B+

20. Green Lantern The New Guardians #1: I was confused to start. Timelines and a retelling of Kyle's origin seemed odd. But I liked it. I think this takes away the "fridged" girlfriend part of Kyle's origin, but many would argue... that's ok. I liked this. More than I expected to. Fun and Klye is perfect as a solo lantern. Hooked me for now! Grade A-

21. Captain Atom #1: Eh? Did something happen in this book? Freddie's art is great, but I found that I didn't care about the story. I liked "Bwahh ha ha" era Captain Atom, but this felt like even the writer was unsure about the character. Doubt I'll be back. Grade C-

22. Batman The Dark Knight#1: Not a huge shock, cause I like the pre-Flashpoint Batman TDK title. Good art and a cool story. This was good. Not great, but a good Batman book. I'm going to keep collecting for now. Grade B-

23. Superman #1: Talk talk talk... very little action with substance. Ok, fire monster vs. Superman. This doesn't feel like Superman. It feels very broody. I like the dynamic between Clark and Lois at the end. I see some potential, but this is SUPERMAN! Your flagship character. Its shouldn't be a "HoHum" issue. I'm a Superman fan, through and through... but even I'll admit, its going to be hard to collect this. Grade C-.

24. The Savage Hawkman #1: I heard nothing but bad things about ol' Carter Hall. So I went in thinking this was gonna stink. It didn't. It was a real good read. It didn't resemble any Hawkman I know, and it has NOTHING to do with the version from Brightest Day. (Which urks me to no end) But I like this story. I'm here for now. Grade B

25. Hawk & Dove #1: Speaking of Bird related Heroes that I was betting would suck. It did. No surprise. Grade D-

26. Green Lantern Corps #1: Before the "War of the Green Lanterns" I felt like this was a solid book. Tracie and I discussed GL fatigue and over saturation. I was afraid this boo would be more of the same. It wasn't. Guy and John are great. Trying to work back into "normal" life just doesn't fit. I think this is great. More of this please!!! Grade A-

27. Justice League Dark #1: I didn't like it when I first read this. But for what ever reason, I re-read this. (DCU Deadman put the bug in me) Its not great, but its good. I'm curious. I may give this a longer try now. Grade C+

28. Legion of Super-Heroes #1 I guess its ok. I mean... I was barely hanging on before Flashpoint, this doesn't feel like it changed at all since. If you like what was going on before, its decent. But for me... I'm done. Nothing new to see... move along. Grade C

29. Blackhawks #1: Its G.I.Joe... with a hint of of Secret Six. These aren't good guys, even though they are U.N. sanctioned. And we see what looks like some powers developing in one character. I was betting I would hate this title, and it turned out to be pretty good. I doubt I'll collect, but if you like G.I.Joe... give this a try. Grade C+

30. Green Arrow#1: Ugh! This art is what I get to have to look forward to in the future of Superman? The story isn't awful, but I feel like its total disregard for DC Green Arrow and "let's now focus" on Smallville Green Arrow. If they called this something else, I would give it a better grade, but since they have forsaken his history, I'm skipping this title. Grade C-

31. Green Lantern #1: Doing What Geoff Johns does best, grounded Hal Jordan stories. This GL title helps with the over saturation that I spoke of earlier... DC needed to get away from Green Lantern in every cross-over and focus on the individuals. This book does that very well. Great Book! Grade A-

32. Demon Knights #1: D&D, Skull Kickers & Seven Soldiers of Victory all wrapped into a Demon story... minus the rhyming. no Rhyming... really. This book wasn't bad. If you like a good fantasy story, jump in. This is fun, just doubt I'll stay. Not my book. Grade B-

33. Aquaman#1: Boom! Geoff Johns, you took what started as a great Aquaman story in Brightest Day and introduced a fun, action packed, powerful, self deprecating, emotional Super-hero book. I knew Johns would do well on this book, but not THIS WELL. I loved this. Loved this. Blew me away! The scene in the Diner was awesome. Touching and funny. Serious without being "brooding". This is a serious contender for best new book of the 52! Grade A+

34. Birds of Prey #1: Eh... Its did nothing for me. Good art, but I just couldn't get into this. I don't know, maybe subconsciously I miss Gail Simone? Who knows, but I think I'm skipping this book in the future. Grade C

35. Supergirl #1: Great introduction, but dammit... did we have to lose all the came before? Really? She was working... and this is what we get instead? I like it, but was it worth the reboot? Nah! Grade C+

36. Men of War #1: This is a War book. I am not a "military" comic fan, but this felt very grounded in military lore and realistic war situations... Until the floating "Hero" appeared in the sky. Even then, their way of dealing with the after-math was real. I liked this, more than I thought I would. Nice book. Grade B+

37. Deathstroke #1: Blah! Not worthy of a title. Not worth a mini. Not even a good single... I didn't care. The art was nice... no surprise, but skip it! Grade D

38. Superboy #1: I liked this. I feel like we lost the Conner we knew, but we also got a little bit of what makes "Young Justice" work so well in this new creation. Really great mystery and beautiful art. This is one I'm going to look forward to each month. Good series! Grade A-

39. Grifter #1: Speaking of well written... This was another surprise. I thought Grifter was cool looking, but I never cared for Wildstorm at all. Well this book has some great moments. I like the "sleeper" agent feel and man on the run take for this future anti-hero. Nice start for a book I didn't want to try. Grade B+

40. Catwoman #1: More Controversy... I have no problem with sexual Catwoman/Batman tension. But to throw it in my face? Really? This didn't feel right. To say this "adult" is wrong... this is adolescent fan fiction, not an intelligent, dangerous, sexy arch nemesis to Batman. I'm let down by Judd Winick on this one. Not his best work. Grade D+

41. Flash #1: Who knew? Francis Manapul wrote a stronger single issue of Flash than Geoff johns did his entire run. I'm gonna miss Wally West, but I think I will really enjoy what is going on in this title. And to top it off, Francis is one hell of an artist! This book was great! Really nicely done! Grade A

42. Batman And Robin #1: More good Batman! Better than that, more Great Damian banter. I am loving Bruce butt heads with his son. I'm happily sticking with this title. Great Solid Art and Cool new Bat-Villain. If you've not seen Tomasi and Gleason do Batman... read this book. Grade A-

43. Legion Lost #1: Confusing... but a step in the right direction for a Legion book. I had a hard time following what was really going on here... the real point of these heroes to come to "our" time. But It held my interest and had beautiful art by Pete Woods. Some of his best pencils yet! I don't think I'm staying with this book, but I'll give it to the count of 3! We will see. Grade C-

44. Voo Doo #1:  Tracie is not gonna like me for this one, but I really liked this. I really, really liked this. I wanted to be all, "Women shouldn't be portrayed as these sexual... " But Wow, I didn't expect there to be some backbone to this story. Yes this book is CHALK FULL of T&A eye candy. TONS. But I swear to you, there is a real story here and I liked it. A lot. One of the biggest shocks, I'm gonna give this book a serious try. And you can't deny that Sami Basri is an incredible artist. Hey, what do I know? Grade B

45. OMAC #1: If you like Kirby stuff... If you like Old Hulk from the 60's, if you like the whole Omac/Brother Eye concept... you'll love this. Only problem, I don't like most of those things. This is a really good book if that sort of thing is "your" sort of thing. Its not mine. Great title, I hope it lasts. Not for me. Grade B-

46. DC Universe Presents: Deadman: I'm not a fan of Bernard Chang. I didn't care for his style on Superman, or Supergirl... or anywhere I've seen him. So when I thumbed through this book I was pushed to think I'd hate this title too. BOY WAS I WRONG! This was excellent! A real in depth Deadman psyche story. Its barely an origin, but more importantly its a real look into what Deadman does, and why! Boston Brand is a jerk... will Deadman still be one too? I even enjoyed Bernard's art. Great Book! Grade A

47. Suicide Squad #1: First, I'm not happy with slinky, sexy Harley Quinn or Amanda Waller. Neither needed to be changed. But the rest of the book was ok. Not the hatefest I was expecting. Its NO Secret Six... not close! But it does feel like what I used to like in the ol' Suicide Squad days of the late 80's. Which I really enjoyed. Add in Boomer and you can count me in. I can see me collecting for a while. (If they fix Amanda!!) Grade B-

48. Batman #1: Nice! This is Batman's answer to Action #1. Damn near perfect. Great Art! Compelling mystery/detective story. Cliff hanger ending! New twists and all the "Wayne" boys under one roof. Who wouldn't love this title?  My only complaint... and its a small one. I struggled with who was who when "Lincoln March" came face to face with "Bruce Wayne". Tall, Brunette, Square jawed... hard to tell who's who when they are there talking. (small complaint) Otherwise, loved this book. Welcome back to the top Batman! Snyder & Capullo got you there in style! Grade A

49. I Vampire #1: Who said this book was gonna suck? (Pun intended) Seriously,, I hate the vampire craze, and I not a fan of horror comics. But this was cool. Great art that reminded me of Jae Lee with a drippy, creepy inker. I found myself very interested in this. 2 Vampires discussing their future and how Mary the Queen of Blood is planning to take on the world of heroes. This isn't what the X-men did about a year ago, this is deep and intelligent. I liked this book, a lot. I'll try it for a while. Grade B

50. The Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #1: Not. What. I. Expected! In a good way. I'm upset that they felt they had to wipe out an incredible "Brightest Day" story, that showed more depth in the character since his inception. But I do like what they did to tweak the origin and incorporate both Ronnie & Jason as part of the original form. This was fun. Not great, but good. Grade B

51. Static Shock #1: This was about what I expected. I liked Virgil on the Titans. He was a good fit. I could even see him as a leader of other teen heroes. But I just didn't care about this version. The art looked much better than I expected, but the story seemed blah. its too bad, but this book isn't for me.  Grade C

52. All Star Western #1: This has to be the biggest surprise of the 52. I rarely have liked western themed books. (Until I tried 6th Gun) But I've not been a big fan of Jonah Hex since the 80's and then he was more Sci-Fi than western. I had heard that Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray were doing nice things on Jonah Hex, but I wasn't going to give it a try. Well if not for me trying all of DC's new 52, I'd not have tried this one. I'm here to tell you... as bad as Jonah Hex the movie was... is how GOOD All Star Western is. AN EXCELLENT BOOK. I'd say just a notch below Action #1. Wow. Loved it. Count me as a regular guys. Great book to end the grade card on. Wow! Loved it! Grade A+

Biggest Positive Surprises: All Star Western #1, Aquaman #1, Voo Doo #1, Red Lanterns #1, DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1, I Vampire #1, Grifter #1
Biggest Disappointments: Mr. Terrific #1, Teen Titans #1, Resurrection Man #1, Catwoman #1, 
Best Overall Book: Action Comics #1  (Just perfect, new, fun, stuck to the core, Superman!)
Worst Book: Detective Comics #1 (Maybe have Gordon make out with Bruce... that would've helped)

Final Thoughts: DC messed with a lot here. Some good, some bad. I think the "Vertigo turned DCU" books were all successful, and surprisingly there isn't a bad Green Lantern Book. Superman is halfway to being better, but I still don't like "current" storyline Superman. Wonder Woman is back on top and over-all the Bat-books are working. I'll miss Secret Six and feel like the gap isn't filled yet, and the Legion just hasn't settled to a place where I'm happy. I think the Titans are moving backwards, but DC really has figured out how to make all the Big Guns work. I'm happy with Flash, Firestorm, Aquaman, and Nightwing. And never did I think I'd like All-Star Western... that book rocked! I think this "relaunch" was un-necessary, but since its the world we have, I'm overall happy with most of the books... for now!

I have Superboy in there 2 times...


  1. The one thing I have to say is that you should have called this "Robb's Report Card Review for DC's New 52". It just sounds peppier. As your core demographic you should really try to grab my attention more.

    Also I think I may pick up Batwing, for a very shallow reason. I like his costume. I have a thing Batman style armor. I blame the Knightfall armor.

  2. Voodoo, Robb? VOODOO? It looks pretty, but... no, man. No. Who keeps stripping when a dude calls you out on being an alien? Maybe, just MAYBE, there's a better comic on the horizon, but everything taking place in the strip club (i.e. 90% of the book) was just asinine.

    I'm glad that we totally see eye-to-eye on the Deadman, comic, though. ;)

    I'm totally going to call you out on some of these others, whether you expect it or not.

  3. Tracie... I hope you know that when it comes to all things comics, There is NOONE's opinion I value more than yours. Truly, you have the most open minded, vast reaching comic knowledge of any of my peers. And I knew there was going to be 3-4 books that I gave decent grades that you'd call me out on. And a few I gave bad grades that you were goign to be like,"What?"

    Especially VooDoo. I even considered down grading this book, due to that peer pressure and out-cry to how others had not liked this book. But I wanted to be quick and honest in my grade.

    First off let me say that my opinion is nothing more than that... a gut reaction opinion. I reserve the right to change and "like" a few things I disliked... and "dislike" a few things I liked. Having said that, I stand by Voodoo.

    I agree with all that you pointed out. I can't argue that you are wrong. Hell I went into VooDoo thinking I was going to hate it. I really did. But the bottom line is... when I got to the end, I wanted more. I want to know what she is going to do in her new form, I wanted to know more about Jess, the female detective who went back to the hotel. Bottom line, I found myself wanting to read the next issue... and that is what this was all about. So to that I gave a good grade. If it stays this superficial eye candy, yeah... I'll get bored. But there was this "Species" 90's comic, feel that really appealed to me. I can't put a real finger on it. I just liked it.

    So now, Titans, and Supergirl... I'm ready to take my beating... let me have it Tracie. :)

  4. I respect that. And not just because of the ego-boost you lead with. ;) I will admit that the female agent was the most interesting part. But I couldn't engage with anything else in this comic (outside of the art) and the majority of the issue just read like every hackneyed Hollywood B-movie portrayal of strip clubs and it seemed super unnecessary to the character since it appeared it was just a thing she was doing to stay "undercover" (because becoming lead stripper is a good way to blend into humanity). It's entirely possible that subsequent issues NOT set in a strip club will have more depth and intrigue to them.

    I think my reaction to Supergirl was not unlike your reaction to Voodoo. I went in expecting to be VERY displeased and engaging with it quite a bit.

    I tried, best I could, to go into these books as though they were brand new characters, except for the ones that are clearly just picking up right where they left off, pre-52. I liked Superboy and Teen Titans was an extension of Superboy and they pretty much engaged me on the same level. But I tried my very best not to bring any Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Bart Allen baggage with me when I read it. It was fun and connects to the other book I like, so I'll read more.

    Other Stuff I've Caught Up On:
    - Blue Beetle was a HUGE disappointment for me.
    - Hawkman had some of the best Phil Tan art in ages but I could not care less about the story/character this time around.
    - Suicide Squad read like Cliff's Notes versions of the characters and lacked any personality.
    - Grifter bored me and I actually like Grifter.

  5. lol, Touche.
    I guess we have some debates ahead of us. Blue Beetle disappointed huh? I understand that one. But I felt like it had enough to pull me to issue number 2. But I can't fault you, it did feel like a different flavor completely from the Jaime we knew.

    Hawkman was the coolest, non-hawkman I've even seen. lol. I knew we'd conflict there.

    This was my first experience with Grifter, and I found it compelling. (not counting X-men-Wildcat cross-overs)

    Suicide Squad was ok to me. I felt like it has potential of being a weird blood bath sort of thing... But I can't really defend that one. It was striking books that got me into comics, weird connection.

    Titans... Sigh... I don't think we can come to common ground here. I don't think this won't be a good book. I think it can be a great book. There is a lot there. But, It doesn't feel like Titans. And that history is too deep for me. I just felt like its was too far off. If it was a different named book, I'd not dislike it as much. Call it Teen Heros , Pre-Justice League. And I'd not have the problems... it just isn't Titans to me.

  6. Wait, what's your call on Mr. Terrific? Did I miss your mark? Or? Whats Your feeling on Mr. T?

  7. We're CROSSFIRING! ;)

    See, I don't have the Teen Titans title hang-up. (I think I rename it "Young Justice" in my head anyway) What they choose to call it doesn't have any bearing for me. It was fun, had good action, and I didn't hate Bart. I'll stick with it until it pisses me off or bores me.

    Blue Beetle SUPER bummed me out. Mostly because not all that long ago they already had a wonderful 1st issue and this one paled in comparison. I had hoped for the Static Shock approach of finding a way to introduce a character without negating the already good stuff that exists. Much like Justice League International, they were fixing something that wasn't broken and it just rang hollow and uninteresting to me. And I'm used to being a cheerleader for Jaime but I'm trying to break away from blind loyalty.

    I feel I should say that we pretty much agree on (for good or bad) Justice League, Animal Man, Batgirl (though I'm probably not as taken with the art), Batwing, Detective, Action Comics, Swamp Thing, Stormwatch, JLI (and I don't think #2 saved it), Wonder Woman, Resurrection Man (though I never read the original), Red Hood, Mr. Terrific, Nightwing, New Guardians (I agree with your words, if not your grade), Superman (I'd maybe even go D+), Hawk & Dove, GL Corps, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Aquaman, Men of War (it seemed decent, but not my thing), Superboy, Catwoman, Flash (I'd be tempted to go A+), Batman and Robin, OMAC (cool but not my thing), Deadman (YAY!), Batman and Firestorm.

    Red Lanterns was okay but I just can't force myself to care. Batwoman is an A for me. I agree that Frankenstein actually kind of suffered from the well-executed Flashpoint series but I think once it totally breaks out on it's own, it has great potential. Same with Justice League Dark. And I was very pleased that they didn't ruin Zatanna like I thought they had. I'm proably giving Birds of Prey way more credit due to Swierczynski. It was a slow burn for a first issue but I want to see it play out.

    There's still quite a few I haven't read, I suppose.

  8. Yeah, Its not fair to judge solely on first Issues... but it also "IS". So Some of these may turn around, some may fall. i was sure Red lanterns was gonna suck... and when it didn't. I was shocked.

    I guess I should also say I'm giving Teen Titans a 4 issue try. (Since I have it ordered through then.)And I'm a long time fan... and I gave each incarnation many changes.

    I think Wednesday is gonna rock now. Any I need to bring to lend? All Star Western?

  9. Actually YES, would you lend me All-Star Western?

  10. Sure, I'll bring All Star Western... Any others? My Copy of Hawk and Dove?

    Ok, Side note... I was re-reading my grades. And I could've sworn my VooDoo Grade was a B... not an A. Its not an A. I still stand by that book... but Not a notch below Action Comics. No. NO... Good Book, not better than Wonder Woman. No. I corrected that. Sorry.



    And Voodoo also wasn't better than Static Shock. Neither was Suicide Squad or Hawkman.


    (not it's not)

  12. (yes it was..) But Schizm rocked !!!!! Right?!


    (yes Schism rocked)
    (Regenesis is out tomorrow)

  14. If I may interject Voodoo taking place in a strip club for most of the first issue makes sense. And really it amounts to playing with the expectations of the who Priscilla was before the relaunch. Her being a stripper was a major part of her character, for better or worse, which DC felt had to be addressed or left as the elephant in the room. It's also clear they are moving away from that particular character beat.

    Did they have to it do at all? No, but the thing is the fans are to blame for this one. See I am no doubt in minority here but I would have loved if every character and concept including Batman was torn down to the bare minimum and then reworked. I mean like what they are doing with Superman books but even further. The thing is there was no way DC could have done this since look at how much flak they are getting "due to old stories no longer counting". While I like the reboot overall I still feel DC could have done more. As it stands this new universe is built on a uneven foundation, which I feel endangers the long term outlook for the line. It is a repeat of the post-COIE kerfuffle all over again, which could have been avoid if DC just took the leap and went all in.

    One final note is that in regard to Mr. Terrific. I refuse to read that book until they get rid of the god awful tattoos. Why does he even have them anyway, because he is black? My suspension of disbelief is willing to stretched to rather large extremes but this just seems stupid. I mean why would the world's 3rd smartest man get tattoos that are meant to read on a part of the body that physical dimensions can change radically over what can be a rather small duration. You know what this like my promise with Wonder Woman and the JMS jacket, as soon as Mr. T drops the ink I will buy his book. Here I will give you an easy fix too DC, have him fight the Tattooed Man. Problem solved.

  15. I dabbled in WildCATS a bit and I know Voodoo's background and I GET why they set it in a stripclub but that doesn't change the fact that NO, it WASN'T necessary and even if you're placating the comparatively minescule fanbase who might kvetch about the stripper background not being mentioned, neither does it change that it was just weak storytelling and characterization. The two humans get more characterization than the title character and that only even matters for one of them. It just felt like a waste of time just to play up the T&A that seems all too prevalent in the very few female-led books.

    But I think you'll find that most of us at CBXF actually agree with you that a hard reboot would've been a better choice than this mishmash.

    Oh, and Mister Terrific having arm tattoos is really the least of his problems as far as that book is concerned. You really only even see them in two panels, it seemed, and I don't think ditching them would have suddenly made the book good. (it wouldn't)

  16. Just to clarify the Voodoo/strip club situation has a reason behind it, that doesn't excuse it though. Personally I would have liked if the entire was more all ages. That said I actually prefer overblown sexuality to gore. Honestly from what I have seen I was more upset by the opening pages of Green Lantern Corps than anything is Red Hood or Catwoman. Doesn't mean either should be there though.

    Really what I hope is that we get new all ages line preferably as connected universe. Similar to what DC did with the Impact line in the 90's. Again I know I keep bringing this up but just have Ben 10 be the anchor for the line and you could have quite decent sized hit on your hands. It would also be the perfect place to launch a revamped Marvel Family.