Monday, October 24, 2011

OCW - Obscure Character this week is...

Creepy and a mutant? X-men's Beak leads the way as bizarre as any character from Grant Morrison's run on X-men. (Which makes me wonder and raises the question, since Tracie has soften her opinion on Morrison, will she read his run on X-men?) Anyway would you like to learn more? Check out this site.

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  1. I DID, in fact, go back and re-read Morrison's run on X-Men, including the issues I skipped. I should write something on the subject.

    I will say that of all Morrison's ideas and creations that have since been retconned, I'm sad that Beak was one of them. He was a pretty great character who got totally ruined in the wake of M-Day and the New Warriors series that starred depowered mutants like my precious Jubilee.