Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This is a comics blog so it's entirely possible adorable babies aren't your thing. Perhaps you prefer babies who have been infected by a techno-organic virus and are then sent into the future to be raised by nuns, only to grow up and travel back into the past to fight alongside the father who gave you up but who secretly got to raise you during his honeymoon with the woman whose clone was your birth mother.

Or maybe you just like when they explode. Right, Demon Knights fans?

Well, if you care to have a look at non-techno, non-explodey babies, BATMAN/SWAMP THING/AMERICAN VAMPIRE writer Scott Snyder tweeted this video of he and his sons dancing to the opening of "The Batman."

Alright, it's no Avengers trailer, but it's nice to see comic creators spreading the love with their family.

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  1. The one thing I never liked about "The Batman" was the barefooted Joker. I am sorry no matter how crazy you are no one would purposely go around the streets of Gotham without shoes. Just imagine how torn up his feet most have gotten, I bet Gotham is just full broken glass and worse.

    The baby seemed rather confused in the video and boy acted more like Sam Guthrie than Batman.