Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Brightest CGI, In Marketing Blackout

A common complaint that's been made on Comicbook Crossfire of late is that the upcoming GREEN LANTERN film has had a puzzling lack of marketing push behind it. Especially when compared to Marvel's THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA that make up this summer's cinematic superhero extravaganza. There was a surprising lack of any sort of presence amongst it's comic-spun competition during the Super Bowl and no new footage has shown past the lukewarm teaser trailer shown in November. The relative silence coming from WB/DC regarding the film was enough cause those of us at CBXF to wonder if the studio was even trying and our faith in the franchise was beginning to weaken, as though it were exposed to the yellow impurity.

Well, The Los Angeles Times has finally offered up an explanation for why GREEN LANTERN's light has yet to shine. Though the film is just near 3 months from arriving in theaters, the 3D and CGI effects work is reportedly so extensive, there wasn't enough footage ready for public consumption. Apparently the studio was aware of fans' relative disinterest in the teaser trailer and they prefered to hold off until they had more of the CG work completed.

While it's been mildly frustrating to fans (or... what... just us?), the logic is sound. It's always frustrating when the masses jump to negative conclusions when presented with unfinished CGI work in trailers. I, myself, have learned to withhold judgement on effects until I've seen the completed film. And, really, if WB wants to reignite fans' excitement regarding the GL film, it probably is best to hold out until they have footage that will really give the best impression of Hal Jordan's $200 million first flight.

The report says that we can expect to see a new trailer accompanying THOR in May.


  1. YES... I've been complaining. Not because I was upset with the footage/trailer released back in November, but because I so badly want this movie to be DC's answer to IRONMAN.

    But more than that, I want it to live up to the hype. And if the powers that be felt it necessary to hold footage back until it was completed CGI, then I can live with that. It was just frustrating as a huge DC fan to see the incredible trailers for Captain America and Thor, even X-men seem to make headlines and not a whisper of what's going on in way of a Green Lantern.

    I'm glad to hear there is integrity behind this decision!

  2. I will say that I DO more or less feel the same way you do about wanting a Green Lantern film (since I was a little kid!!!!), but I guess I can personally do without all the hype and previews and stuff for this movie. I'm afraid it'll make me want to see it less. I just want a quality representation of Green Lantern at this point (Keep in mind that I more or less feel that Hal Jordon's been dead since Emerald Dawn - and no, I don't think this boiled down "essence"/galactic cop thing captures Hal at all. I wanted so much to feel that his return to comics in this form would be great but it just won't take). That being said, First Flight was actually pretty good overall. I guess I just don't want my second all time favorite super hero to take another bad turn, and some of the snippets I've seen are making me a bit uncomfortable. If this movie works though, man o' man..! But if it doesn't - man o' man.....
    Now where'd I put my Polydent?
    Shawn D.