Thursday, March 24, 2011



  1. Scrawny Steve was me in High School. Im so pumped to see this!!! Wow Marvel & Paramount, the trailer makes me happy!

  2. I really liked this bit that Rob at said about the trailer:

    "But the thing I like most of all is that line 'Because a weak man knows the value of strength.' That's something I never considered about Captain America before, something I never saw or realized reading all those Avengers comics in the '80s. The reason he's so compassionate and determined to help the weak and powerless is because he was weak and powerless himself. I think that the 'man out of time' thing is so prominent in Cap lore that I -- and most people, I guess -- kind of forget about the ramifications of his origin. I'm very impressed the Cap movie is bringing that kind of insight to a character I thought I had figured out."

    The Cap and Thor trailers are SO GOOD, this could be the best Nerd Summer EVER.