Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brightest Day "I have a theory..."

Once again, Tracie and I have found a conversation worth sharing. A possibility for the climate to Brightest Day. Care to add your theory? Email us your opinion, or comment below.

I think... I know who the ultimate “earth” hero will be at the end of Brightest day… I think. That Brightest Day Aftermath cover/issue has a few clues… along with events in Brightest D proper and Green Arrow. (And a certain Firestorm book I had been reading in back issue form) Again, purely a theory… but an educated guess.

Tracie - Oh yeah? You think it ties back to the Ostrander Firestorm books?

Robb - Yeah, Ok...
I think it may be Swamp Thing. Here’s why...
1. The obvious forest is alive reference in Brightest Day and Green Arrow.
2. They keep saying the word “Earth” through out these books. What if they don’t mean: as in the planet, but as in soil. Swamp Thing was the earth elemental.
3. The writer of the “Brightest Day Aftermath” book came from Vertigo as a writer and group editor.

4. The wall is covered in Ivy on the cover of the “Brightest Day Aftermath” #1.
5. This cover is VERY reminiscent of an image in the first story arch that Alan Moore did in Swamp Thing where he’s confronted by Superman and Hal Jordan.
6. Firestorm was the fire elemental in the final story arch in the Ostrander’s run...He had heavy ties to Swamp Thing. When Swamp thing was trapped and the other elementals (Naiad - Water, Red Tornado - Wind/Air) freed the earth elemental and something happened... I don’t have that issue. What if Swamp thing is the Earth... Aquaman as the water... Firestorm is Fire... Hawks are Air...(Ok this is a stretch) Anyway... It’s a theory.

Tracie - GOOD THEORY. DC *has* been rumored to be bringing Swamp Thing back into the DCU for a while now. And he’d definitely fit in with the forest stuff in Star City. And Vankin used to be a Vertigo editor/writer. Good call! I still like my “it was you all along” theory regarding Deadman being the owner of the White Lantern. But based on your evidence, it seems that Swamp Thing definitely could factor in. And there were TWO people silhouetted out on that cover. HMMMMM.

Robb - I am with you (Your theory that it's Deadman) based on actual story I’ve read... NOTHING I’ve read in the actual books has led me to Swamp Thing. (Except the forest) Deadman just seems to fit the bill. And if not him... I don’t want it to be someone “New”. Here’s Bill the White Lantern of Earth. Unless they had built up “Bill's” story over the last few months... Which is what they did for Boston Brand. I do fear Deadman is TOO obvious. Swamp Thing seems obvious in the forest, too. And yes there are 2 shadowy figures... And they could be male/female.. Whoever based on how they blacken them out. Its pure speculation...

Tracie - Oh hey, look what A Comic Book Show just posted on Bleeding Cool a moment ago...
“Wake up sheeple, Hawks = Air, Aquaman = Water, Firestorm = Fire and GODDAMN SWAMP THING = Earth! He is the ultimate protector, prepare for the ultimate showdown (what, you thought the White Lantern was going to be Chuck Norris?)”

Robb - I agree... But then WHO ARE THE OTHERS suppose to be when brought back from the dead? I like my Swamp Thing Theory... But it does have loop holes, too. BUT, Those I’ve mentioned ARE the only ones who’ve disappeared after their “Mission Accomplished” moment. Could they be pulled to their “elemental” destiny after that?

Tracie - Well... The only ones that The Entity retrieved, yes. What if The Entity itself is Swamp Thing?

Robb - Yeah! I’d buy that theory first... I like the thought that Swamp Thing is the Earth/White Lantern Entity... And Boston Brand is the White Lantern.

Tracie - I had to hold my tongue about something else because SOMEONE doesn’t have the latest issue. ;P
Max Lord = Headshot elemental


  1. From what I have been hearing it looks like White Lantern may end up being Ted Kord. To be honest I haven't been reading the series, but I could see this happening. If for nothing other than as being a token gesture about finally ending the grimdark.

  2. Well Swamp Thing is officially out, so I am thinking Teddy is looking like a better option.