Sunday, December 12, 2010

OCW - December 5th - Demolition Man

It's funny how, once we decided on Dennis Dunphy to be our 2nd Obscure Character of the Week, he would wind up in some pretty good gags in both New Avengers and I Am An Avenger. STILL, it been fun to see everyone at CBXF honor this former Avenger with their art.

Me, I decided to go with the sad, homeless version of D-Man from Kurt Buseik and George Perez's Avengers run. Poor, sad Dennis...

(seriously, check him out in New Avengers #7)


  1. Per usual, it looks great! Knock it off, showoff!

  2. Hope you know, I'm so kidding! These are so fun to do. I'm finding more obscure characters and having some fun!