Saturday, December 18, 2010

CBXF MailBag: Paul Levitz sexist?

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Dear Yelling Internet People,

Now this interview has been getting a lot of play on various comic sites and web logs particularly the comments about female readership. I know this may make me look bad but I am having a hard time figuring out what exactly is getting people up in arms. From what I gather people see his comments as him dismissing female fans. I can see how some of his broad-reaching comments could be insulting, but it seems more to me as comments made by a person who has been heavily involved with the industry for what 4 decades now and about the trends he has seen. I would actually like to hear some of your opinions on this, particularly Tracie.

Also for the OCW is just limited to superhero related characters since I think it would be fun to see everyone's take on obscure newspaper strip and animated shorts characters. I have an interest in animated shorts in particular so it would be interesting to see some of those characters get more attention. In that light I put forward my favorite Looney Tune, Cool Cat, the beat talking tiger who's chief enemy was a hunter riding around in elephant shaped tank.

In the dark man knows no hatred, only fear - Gilles Rio Bachman
Jaden Algo



  1. Is Paul Levitz sexist?
    And nothing I read in that particular section of the interview seems that insulting either. Truth be told Superhero comics have been culturally gender biased, the same way the color pink has. Throughout the 60s, 70s 80s the comic book was portrayed culturally as the realm of little boys and then anti-social nerdy men. The same nerd-revolution that has allowed us to step into the light and be proud- to dominate the Hollywood box office- is the same on that is now inviting more and more female readers into the fold.
    Though, I will also say the sexist dialogue of Reed Richards alone could have a lot to do with decades of low sales among women.

    I am sure Tracie will chime in soon... as soon as she gets back with my sammich!

  2. Your counterpoint/post would have been much stronger if you had actually linked to the posts that discussed the article and not Google searches of the term "nerdy girls" so your readers could see what it was the "nerdy girls" had to say. The posts were very specific and clear about what they took issues with. I'd recommend this one to start.