Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 29, 2012

JOSS WHEDON IS MAKING A S.H.E.I.L.D. TV SERIES FOR ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jed and Maurissa too)

This is the only thing you need to know about anything before we rundown this weeks' comics.

Angel And Faith #13

My favorite Buffyverse comic! Well, favorite ONGOING Buffyverse comic. I mean, y'know, Fray exists and stuff.

Aquaman #12

Holy wow we have gone an entire year of Aquaman being a best-selling comic at DC? Harp as we/I may on the New 52, you can sure as heck give it credit for things like THAT. All the more reason I hope the rumors of Geoff Johns' impending exist are false. I can't help but fear for the title if it were to lose the momentum built by the Johns/Reis team. They're due as much/more credit as any ol' reboot.

AvX Vs #5

We've got just one issue left of this fun (but hardly essential) Versus books. This one brings us Angel vs. Hawkeye by the writer of the instantly brilliant new Hawkeye series, Matt Fraction, and incoming Indestructable Hulk artist Leinil Yu. Then we get to pick up on the now-physical annulment spat between Storm and Black Panther by Jason Aaron and Tom Raney. I hope one of these two fights end in hugs.

Avenging Spider-Man #11

Spider-Man's 50th Anniversary celebration continues as original Avenging writer Zeb Wells returns with a very special Spider-Man team-up... AUNT MAY! Don't let the perfectly heartwarming Chris Samnee cover throw you off, though. This issue is actually drawn by fan-favorite Punisher Max and Preacher artist Steve Dillon. Zeb is pretty good at giving me emotions so I'm very much looking forward to this.

Before Watchmen Minutemen #3

Issue #2 really picked things up with this Minutemen origin story and you all know that Darwyn Cooke is a master at his craft, yes?

Captain Marvel #3

OH GOSH OH GOSH OH GOSH A NEW ISSUE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL IS HERE!!! The "female Howling Commandos" is just another reason why Kelly Sue is a gift to comics and this series is so much fun.

FF #21

Before we say goodbye to Hickman, let's check in with Ronan and Crystal why don't we?

Flash Annual #1

The reason why Francis Manapul has not been drawing the last few issues of Flash is because he was working on this massive annual, giving us new origins for The Rogues!

Green Lantern Annual #1

Ethan Van Sciver's back which can only mean one thing--SOMETHING MASSIVE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO THE GREEN LANTERN MYTHOS. Y'see, that's been Geoff's trick since bringing Hal back from the dead. Van Sciver is his good luck charm so, be it Rebirth or Sinestro Corp Wars or Blackest Night, when Van Sciver pops his head back around on art duties, you know it's because something big and special is about to happen. Judging from the end of Green Lantern #12, it probably isn't anything good for Hal.

Journey Into Mystery #642

The "Everything Burns" crossover with Thor continues and Kid Loki is THE BEST.

Justice League #12

So this book used to have a pretty cool cover of Aquaman holding an unconsious Batman and Superman but now it's a picture of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing? I have opinions about this but I will hold my whining until I actually read the issue. Crazy, I know.

Li'l Homer #1

I don't typically buy the Simpsons comics, despite finding them to be very pleasant the few times I've come into posession of them. Just never felt like something I NEEDED to keep up on constantly. However, these one-shots they've been doing have been LOADS of fun. Particularly for characters like Ralph Wiggum and Milhouse who don't typically get entire stories dedicated to them in the cartoon or, presumably, comics. This one feels like a little bit of a cheat because goodness knows Homer gets plenty of focus but this is Li'l Homer (along with a Li'l Moe and Li'l Barney) and we get to see some childhood adventures of everyone's favorite oaf. Should be good fun but for the next one let's see Frink or Dr. Nick or galldarned Hank Scorpio.

Powers #11

Powerrrrs you are so frustrating to wait for but so nice to actually read.

Superman Annual #1

Oh hey look it's the first sort-of issue of Superman I'll have purchased in The New 52 and just because it gives us a sort of first issue by new writer Scott Lobdell and also includes the new Arab-American Green Lantern (who probably plays a part in this week's GL Annual as well)

Superman Family Adventures #4

This is adorable and I like adorable and Superman and adorable Superman.

Uncanny X-Force #30

Gosh darnit X-Force, even when you don't do what I want you to do, you do it so well. Anyone who isn't excited to see this guy take on Uncanny Avengers and Captain America does not know what's up.

Web Of Spider-Man #129.2

Holy heck Damion Scott, don't leave me again. Why isn't there an announcement of what book he's doing after these two Web issues? Make him NOW something up at Marvel or make DC take him back and actually inject some fresh and energetic art in their New 52. Like maybe let a youthful artist take over Teen Titans or something. Even if that means I have to start buying Teen Titans again. (or, dude, make him the artist on the Amethyst book and really blow everyone away)

Winter Soldier #9

DUDES. It was just announced last week that Brubaker will be leaving this book even though he told us that he wouldn't. This is heartbreaking news because he pretty much re-created Bucky Barnes and he's become so much Ed's character... Well, I will just treasure his last remaining stories even more.

Wolverine And The X-Men #15

The best X-Men book of all of the X-Men books (though Uncanny comes in a CLOSE second).

THAT IS ALL. 'Til next time. Excelsior!

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  1. I'm afraid you'll forget Infernal Man-Thing #3, and WHATEVER KNOWS FEAR BURNS AT THE MAN-THING'S TOUCH! (Ow.)