Monday, August 6, 2012

He just deserves better. Superman and his future in the DC 52

Grant is leaving the Man of Steel. More specifically, the title Action Comics. And this makes me sad. He got the ball rolling. He kicked off a "new 52" Superman that is definitely different. But he’s leaving and I’m sad... and well... scared. Lack of communication and short-sightedness from DC frightens me. I say this because Yes, Morrison’s run on Action has been darn near pitch perfect. But the connection to the Man of Steel’s other title, “Superman” has been none! Even during the creation, interviews have revealed that George Perez knew nothing of what Grant was planning. So we have two different takes on a character “during a re-boot”?  Where was the symmetry? The title Superman is just poor. From art, to story, to use of villains. This is your flag ship character. And even though I am loving what Grant has done in Action, it doesn’t feel like a “larger” story arc. I hope I’m wrong. Morrison has a way of weaving in large/deep meaning tale, over vastly long periods of story telling. (ie. Black Glove, Final Crisis, Batman RIP) But right now, to me it feels like Grant just had an interesting take on Superman and told a cool story and really doesn’t have a larger plan. I find this future unacceptable. Because I don’t know what DC will do when Grant leaves.

Others have received the red carpet treatment. We all know Batman sells books, but he got the Cream of the crop leading the way with Scott Synder, and what 17 -18 other titles/DC Spin off/sidekick books, Wonder Woman has, what I would say is the best, solid year of comics she has ever had under Brian Azzarello, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Flash has had one hell of a year with Manipul on that book, Green Lantern and Johns are still solid. Even Aquaman has a top 10 book. AQUAMAN for god’s sake. Marvel and DC put their best on their best. (Or they should) But lets looks at who has done Superman since the new 52. George Perez... a legend, no doubt. But from the 80’s and 90’s. Its a new Man of Steel. Dan Jurgens... the same as George. Great talents from before. But if you want new readers... we need someone new. Why not try to steal from Marvel? Why not pull someone from a more successful 52 book? I Vampire is solid. (Hint hint) Don’t bring Scott Lobdell in or Geoff Johns or someone who has done their thing on Superman already. Give someone new the reigns. Someone different. An Image/Vertigo writer? Shake it up. Do something/anything to give Superman a better chance. Tell a larger story. An epic one. An important one.

Seriously, Its been too long. And the iron is about to get red hot. 2013 is the 75th anniversary of his creation. The “Man of Steel” Movie comes to theatres in June. Do What Batman and the Avengers did. Build up the good will and make us care about what happens. We need an better Superman. Get creators with the skill, the emotion, and the desire to make Superman important again. I know just the talents to do it. One has written a little Superman before, but never really got his change to take it anywhere. They other drew a very similar character who wore a cape and had a Superman-like presence. These creators...They’d be perfect.

DC... I’m asking you... begging you to mend the fence. Make teh planets align. Do something. Throw a butt load of money at these men. Beg them. They both love Superman. These men would care for what came before and push Superman in a bold new direction. Who am I talking about? Who do I feel could break the mold and still carry a proper Man of Steel torch? Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Feel that... that’s the ground rumbling. A match made in heaven. 2 of the most talented, Superman fanboys. In earth shattering fashion. A Superman run for the ages. The Superman I want. But... sadly, so sadly, I know this is a waaay far fetched dream. I know both have things going on at another New York based enterprise and Mark isn’t getting along with DC as a company. But both men have mad passion for the Man of Steel. On Twitter and on various web sites, both have expressed incredible opinions on “the last son”. They are knowledgeable and talented and would make the best team Superman has ever seen. Ever. Better than Geoff & Gary, Better than Dan, Better than John. Even better than Grant & Frank or Grant and Rags.

Sorry Tracie, I know this will hurt Daredevil... but couldn’t he write both? Come on... tell me that wouldn’t be cool. Do it DC... Put them on Action Comics. I’ll make the Kick Starter site. You do the rest!!!!

*Sigh* I wish...but, I guess we’ll just have to settle for Rob Liefeld writing and drawing ol’ Clark. Thanks DC! Lead the way with innovation.


  1. Look, Robb... I love Waid & Samnee's Daredevil.

    Love it.

    It brings me so much joy and all the right kinds of pain and it's one of the very first things I look forward to each and every month.

    It's perfect.

    But I would give my first born child AND right arm to have Mark Waid and Chris Samnee on Action Comics.

  2. Honestly I know this going to sound odd but while I enjoy Morrison's Superman, to me it has been rather tame. Again this has been m biggest problem with the New 52, they had a chance to go balls-to-the-wall and they just didn't. Action is probably the best example of this, while it is certainly a different take on the classic Superman paradigm it is still a rather safe one.

    Now I have never made any attempts to hide my absolute love for Electric Blue Superman (I have two figures of him on my desk as I type this) and to be fair I would like to see something along those lines of experimentation again. Not just for Superman but for the greater DC Universe. If DC's biggest problem is no creator wants to give new characters or concepts I'll happily give them my work-up for a total revamp. I just would like to see superhero comics to try new things again.

    As for creative teams, I really psyched to see Kenneth Rocafort on Superman. I say this without any doubt, he is best the new artist of this decade. I was more than willing to get into the Top Cow universe just for his art. Also while I like Lobdell well enough, I feel if Rocafort gets a writer that is willing to experiment they could craft a run that would be remembered.

    As for my pick for the new Action scribe I could think of no one better than Joe Kelly. If you give as much freedom as you have Morrison, I have little doubt that Kelly could make the 75th anniversary more than memorable.

  3. You raise some valid points. And I agree with a lot of what you said.

    I liked some aspects of "electric" Superman too. I hated how they resolved the story,it felt like... "Aaaand regular Superman is back?" (but I loved Stuart Immomen's rendition, too.) As for Rocafort, yeah I'm excited for his art. But he is almost too pretty for Superman. I think he's a great edition to the Superman team. I'm just not super excited to have Lobdell. And lastly... yes. Yes, that would be a strong 2nd to Mark Waid... I'd totally approve of Joe Kelly. He's a great Superman writer. And one of very few who has brought me to tear using the comic medium.