Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 6, 2012

PROMETHEUS is opening this week and I hopehopehope the trailers have not already given away the whole movie but I'm putting a lot of faith into Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi, Damon Lindelof's script, and am excited for any sort of return to form for the Alienverse.

Also exciting? THIS WEEK'S COMICS:

Action Comics #10

Egad! Month 10 of The New 52? The time! Where has it gone? Grant Morrison's retooling of Superman is still pretty great when it maintains its focus, though I would happily read a President Superman ongoing.

Animal Man #10

I keep saying it but Animal Man and Swamp Thing have got to be the biggest beneficiaries of The New 52 though, ironically, they both could've easily picked up right where things were left off in the old DCU. The benefit came from having the most eyes possible drawn to the books due to the attention of a line-wide reboot. They're great comics that might've gone under the radar had the radar not been significantly amplified as it had.

Avengers Vs X-Men #5

Thus concludes Act One! This issue written by Matt Fraction. My favorite chapters thus far have been the last two, written by Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman, respectively. Ed did a great job focusing on Hope and Hickman peppered some GREAT Wolverine gags into his issue. Both probably benefitted from having stronger character focus. We'll see where things go here as the Avengers and X-Men face off on THE MOON or some such.

Before Watchmen Minutemen #1

Yes, that right. I'm buying some of the Before Watchmen comics. I'm what's wrong with the industry. I'm the problem. I'm a fool and a monster and Alan Moore will place an evil spell on me. I get it. But you tell me Darwyn Cooke is doing a Silver Age superhero comic and I'm not supposed to buy it? Are you nuts?

Dark Avengers #175

What's THIS? Why, it used to be Jeff Parker's super-excellent Thunderbolts. Now it is Jeff Parker's sure-to-be-also-super-excellent Dark Avengers, transplanting the Dark Avengers characters introduced in the last New Avengers storyline and throwing them in with the existing Thunderbolts inmates under the charge of Luke Cage. I'd be surprised if the title change wasn't there to raise sales by banking on the Avengers name. Also the cast now incudes "a Spider-Man," "a Thor", and "a Hulk" by way of mutant transformation, cloning, and an illegitimate son. Will be interesting to see how multi-arm black costume Spider-Man, Clor, and Skaar fit in with the Thunderbolts.

Defenders #7

I keep describing this as "if J.J. Abrams wrote a superhero comic" and I feel that's pretty apt. Lots of twists and mysteries and the kind of mythology you don't normally find in a Marvel comic. This issue, however, brings the Dodsons back on art and throws their old friend Black Cat into the mix.

Dial H #2

First issue was pretty darn entertaining with some quirky-fun H-Dial transformations. Definitely interested in following this.

Earth 2 #2

I thought the first issue was interesting enough, though maybe I'm the only person who noticed/cared that Nicola Scott has a different inker now and I was really hoping she would keep the same inker and colorist that she worked with on Teen Titans, as I thought they were a perfect team. Maybe I just need to get used to the new look, I dunno, I just found it kind of jarring. But now we have all this controversy over that which will be revealed in this very issue regarding the rebooted Alan Scott. I was, personally, a little disappointed at the outing of Alan Scott. With all the hooplah over an iconic DC hero being outed, it feels like kind of a cheat to make it an alternate reality version of a Golden Age character. Like it would've felt more impactful if it was someone in the DC Universe that "counts." I think Topless Robot put it best by stating "The fifth most important human Green Lantern is gay." ...I wanted it to be Billy Batson...

Invincible Iron Man #518

I'm hoping the secret subtitle for this storyline is Tony Stark Gets It Together.

Journey Into Mystery #639

We now return to the mutant-less adventures of Kid Loki! The best Loki, no matter what the Avengers movie fangirls want you to believe.

Swamp Thing #10

New storyline! Jumping-on point maybe! But really, just read all of the Swamp Thing. And Animal Man.

Sweet Tooth #34

Special stand-alone issue, kicking off at the start of the plague! I will miss this book when it's gone.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11

MILES MORALES, YOU ARE THE BEST. In a perfect world, the upcoming Spider-Men comic would somehow result in Miles hanging out with Kid Loki and hey, why not throw in Power Pack and the Future Foundation kids and OH HEY LOOK, I just created the perfect comic. You're welcome everyone. Also, CALL ME.

Uncanny X-Men #13

AvX stuff happens and also Billy Tan on art which might be an improvement on Greg Land maybe I guess? Don't make Kieron Gillen do all the heavy lifting, guys.

Walking Dead vol.16, A Larger World

Thank you, Internet, for thus far not spoiling any of the Walking Dead surprises for this wait-for-the-trade-er. Keep up the good work.

Winter Soldier #6

How do you make the kickass Winter Soldier comic even more kickass? Well, I GUESS you could put Michael Lark on art. That might do it. In an ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY sort of way.

Worlds' Finest #2

So, last month I told myself I wasn't even interested in this book and had every intention of ignoring it except I flipped through it at the store just out of curiousity and the charm of Kevin Maguire's art plus the buddy-buddy nature of Power Girl and Huntress won me over and it was actually a lot of fun for a book I told myself I was completely disinterested in and I think I dug this more than I dug Earth 2. Will that continue? Let's see!

'Til next time! Excelsior!

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