Friday, June 15, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 13, 2012

Comics Pull List is a teensy bit late this week due to technical problems and time contraints and also Robb, Sean, and I totally watched Superman Vs. The Elite. But hey, it's just Wednesday Thursday. Here are the comics I'll be buying/have just bought today yesterday:

Amazing Spider-Man #687

Herein lies the conclusion to the pretty excellent Ends of the Earth mini-event. Is is the last stand for Doc Ock?

AvX Vs #3

I think it's pretty smart to have an event tie-in book that just lets some of the best artists in the business draw the superhero fights taking place in the backgrounds or in one-off panels. It's fun and it's pretty to look at. Especially here when you have Ed McGuinness show up and show everybody how it's done. I'm also interested to see the Magik/Black Widow fight expanded upon. (I'd have also liked to see more of Magik's short battle with Dr. Strange) BONUS FUN: You can use the Marvel AR app to translate Black Widow's Russian into English.

Avengers #27

The Protector does some protecting but not of his teammates OH NO.

Avengers Assemble #4

Thanos! Doin' stuff! With those guys from that movie you gave all your moneys to!

Batman #10

Apparently big mythos-changing things happen here. NO SPOILERS, Internet, YOU HEAR ME?

Batman And Robin #10

This book, you guys. This book. I know "Batman" is like the... high-end, classy one that fans and critics alike clamor for but... man, the magic combination of Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason and that delightful little scamp Damian Wayne... goodness sakes. It just grabs me on a totally different level.

Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #1

Tracie is destroying the comics industry by buying a comic book because she loves Amanda Conner and will buy any comic Amanda Conner draws. FOR SHAAAAME.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #10

This "season" feels very much like the show to me, albiet with an unconstrained budget. It's good Buffy wackiness.

Captain America #13

The secret identity of Scourge is definitely not one I expected. At all. Nerds are upset, I guess?

DC Comics Presents Superman Adventures #1

Hey, it's a lovely little collection of some of the old Superman Adventures comics based on the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm animated series! Them's good comics.

Fantastic Four #607

Hickman writing Black Panther! T'Challa should be a much bigger character than he is. Just look at him in the (tragically, now cancelled) Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. He is a key member and maybe one of the coolest characters on the team. We need that in comics. We need it in the movies. Hickman's a smart guy, he could make that work. Like, maybe if he were to take over Avengers when Bendis leaves maybe perhaps hmm...

Green Lantern #10

The conclusion of the Indigo Lantern arc! Seeeeekrits!

Incorruptible #30

FINAL ISSUE. And so we say goodbye to Mark Waid's brilliantly crafted superhero universe. I really hope we see more creator-owned work of this caliber from him. I know I need to check out more of his recent webcomics work at but I will definitely miss this world.

Incredible Hulk #9

Jason Aaron's gotta help the Hulk "Stay Angry" or else that wily Banner will get up to more'a them shenanigans.

Mega Man #14

You guys, this is a "children's comic" based on a video game and the last issue revolved around the discussion of whether or not robots have souls. It's... it's just too good.

Mighty Thor #15

More exciting developments between Enchantress and Donald Blake!

Spider-Men #1


Ultimate Comics X-Men #13

Alright, I'm... I'm cautious on this. And poor Brian Wood has got this going two-fold this week but... yeah. I really dug what Nick Spencer was doing with Ultimate X-Men. I'd like to think Brian has some great ideas to bring here as well and I dunno how much he'll keep or build on from what Nick did but... I've already lost interest in The Ultimates and if this issue doesn't wow/grab me right off the bat, I've already begun to question just why I keep buying these books when, outside of Ultimate Spider-Man, none of the other Ultimate books have really thrilled me in a long while. I felt like I was just buying them to "keep up" and because I've bought almost every other Ultimate comic there's been. But WHY if they don't fill me with the same awe and wonder that Ultimate Spidey does? So, I dunno. WE'LL SEE.

Uncanny X-Force #26

Uncanny X-Force, you're just so good. And oh yes thank you more Phil Noto and Dean White.

X-Men #30

And here we have it again. I wasn't buying this series but Brian Wood is a writer who writes things like Local and Demo that I ADORE and then he writes things like the current Wolverine/Omega mini that left me totally flat. Now, here he also has the draw of having stolen David Lopez from New Mutants and David is an incredible talent. So there's a lot of potential there. Ironic enough, I jump onto this series at a point where Jubilee doesn't even appear in it anymore. I like that Domino's getting some action though. I dunno. This is going to be another one that has to really grab me right away, otherwise it's competing with Jason Aaron's Headmaster Wolvie and Kieron Gillen's Dry Wit-Men and Rick Remender's Murder Squad so it's really not like I NEED another X-book. So, win me over or don't, it's cool.

That's it for this week. 'Til next time, EXCELSIOR!

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