Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 27, 2012

YOU GUYS, I loved BRAVE so hard. SO HARD. And another incredibly inventive and adorable short. Hot dang those Pixarians.

Before the film, they had what may be the best Amazing Spider-Man trailer I've seen. I may be in the minority on this but every new trailer I've seen has got me more and more exctied for The Amazing Spider-Man. I know it has the misfortune of being sandwiched between The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises but, dare I say it, I've got hopes for this. HOPES.

Also, hey, if you've found yourself missing our charming faces, we do apologize. The Crossfire gang has been going through some busymaking life changes and that's made it difficult to keep up our monthly vidcasting. We're floating around an idea of how to make up for this, though, so stay tuned for that. And, in the meantime, we've got a 30-part series of Robb and I talking about Superman on the YouTubes. (it's actually only 5 parts I think) ("ONLY...")

If you enjoy OPINIONS, you'll love these PRE-OPINIONS regarding this week's comic releases:

Amazing Spider-Man #688

Just in time for the movie everyone's scratching their heads about, The Lizard returns to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man! I hope he doesn't eat any children.

Angel And Faith #11

Hot dang, I did not realize these aunt characters were meant to be used in the tragically abandoned The Ripper BBC spin-off series that Joss was struggling to get off the ground. That's both wonderful AND it makes me all the more disappointed that that never became a thing. DARN YOU, BBC. Also, this continues to be my favorite of the Buffyverse comic tie-ins.

Aquaman #10

So we have our New 52 Black Manta now. That's great. So when do we get our new Aqualad back?

Barry Sonnenfeld's Dinosaurs Vs Aliens

This was previewed on Free Comic Book Day and the artwork was stupendous. I'm very particular about my dinosaur art and this nails it. What more, this is some crazy concept cooked up by the director of Men in Black/The Addams Family and written by Grant Morrison, with the intention of making it a film. SIGN ME THE HECK UP. But is Grant going to go all We3 on this and make me bawl my eyes out over the dinosaurs?

Batman Incorporated #2

GUYS, I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS STRANGER IN THE MIRROR IS BUT SHE IS BUYING AND ENJOYING GRANT MORRISON COMICS. Don't tell Me of 10 Years Ago. Chris Burnham just has a really great way of translating Grant's scripts that I think a lot of other artists lack. (probably because he's aping Frank Quitely) After avoiding it like the plague, I did eventually turn around and read all of Batman Incorporated vol. 1 and while some stories didn't really strike a chord with me, the Burnham issues really worked for me (especially Man of Bats oh yes MORE MAN OF BATS PLEASE). Having read through all of that, I now find myself wanting to see it through to the end. Gracious.

Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz #8

I know nothing about anything! There is yet another Oz volume on the way from this brilliant team! Hooray for things!

FF #19

Congratulations, Mike Choi, this is my favorite cover you've done for either book. Also: The FF kids in Wakanda! Yay!

Flash #10


Incredible Hulk #10


Justice League #10

It weirded me out, last month, when they referenced the letter from Batman's dad. I've become so acclimated to this new world/new continuity, I was taken aback when reminded that Flashpoint did in fact happen. COMICS, YOU SO CRAY-ZEH.

Mighty Thor #16

Save us, Goth Kid! Save us from the dream gremlins!

Morning Glories vol. 3, P.E.

Yay yay yay new Morning Glories collection! More of this LOST/Generation X/Battle Royale/uh... what else is it like? I dunno, I just dig the heck out of it.

Spider-Men #2

ADULT PETER PARKER MEETS MILES MORALES! If one of these issues isn't just 22 pages of hugs and ice cream then well I JUST DON'T KNOW.

Superman Family Adventures #2

The supercute adventures of the Superman Family! A bit of a different flavor than Tiny Titans, which I think makes sense. It skews a little older and focuses on one single issue story instead of a bunch of vignettes. Still good, silly, supertimes.

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #12

So I guess I'm just done. This book lost all steam with me once Hickman was out the door and this is his last issue as co-writer before Humphries takes over full duties and I just don't care, outside of hoping there's SOME tying up of the story Hickman had been building over the last 12 issues. There were interesting ideas going on here but the energy's just not there anymore and "The Ultimates" has been a curiosity with me, at best. I'll just stick to geeking over Miles Morales and leave the rest be, I guess.

Wolverine And The X-Men #12

Kid Gladiator versus The Avengers! Love love love.

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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