Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 20, 2012

Pixar's BRAVE opens this weekend!

As does George Washington: Zombie Smasher or whatever.

But... but... BRAVE! PIXAR!

I'm excited.

Cars 2 wasn't the disaster everyone likes to think it was but I've been itching to see Pixar return to what they do best, creating NEW IDEAS, new worlds, and uplifting and/or breaking hearts along the way.

SPEAKING OF new ideas and new worlds... well... you'll get that in Saga but I'm afraid the rest of my pull list is Marvel & DC. Sorry. There might be some world remaking in one of them, though...

Avengers Vs X-Men #6

NOW WE ARE COOKING WITH GAS, PEOPLE. (and using the Phoenix flame to light the stove) AvX started off kinda slow but then got in a good grove with some strong character beats for Wolverine and Hope and then BAM, #5 pulls a game-changer and now we're off to the races. Even better, Olivier Coipel steps in as artist for Act 2 of this story and that is a darned good thing.

Avenging Spider-Man #8

This issue works as an Epilogue to the recently completed "Ends of the Earth" story in Amazing Spider-Man and, more than an epilogue, I hope it outright changes/retracts an element from the ending of the otherwise pretty excellent "Ends of the Earth" story. Not that I didn't think that it felt earned but... I would certainly prefer if this particular thing turned out to be a "Hey look! Everything's fine, actually!"

Batwoman #10

I love Amy Reeder. LOVE. And her first two issues (including the #0) were perfect. Then... something happened. For one, they changed inkers for some reason and Rob Hunter was NOT a good fit for Reeder AT ALL. If you would like a good example of the importance of inkers and what they can add/take away from comics art, compare Amy's Batwoman issues inked by Richard Friend to those inked by Rob Hunter. It makes a HUGE difference and I don't know if that was part of the creative differences that lead to her leaving the series or what but Trevor McCarthy feels much more at home on this book than Amy seemed to in her last two issues. Of couse, Trevor inks himself, so... take that for what it's worth. This is a series that definitely works best when everybody's on the same page, though. J.H. Williams has a very specific look and tone he's developed this series around and McCarthy plays to that perfectly. I just need Amy Reeder to bounce back in comics somewhere ANYWHERE. Like HEY, WHY THE HECK WASN'T SHE MADE THE ARTIST ON THE UPCOMING AMETHYST COMIC?

Birds Of Prey #10

It's kind of insane how much different Travel Foreman's art looks under a different colorist, now that he's lept from Animal Man to BoP. He does great work in both books but, once again, if you'd like an example of the power and importance of a colorist, compare those two books. And they're perfect for each other, really. The coloring on BoP wouldn't work on Animal Man and vise versa. Different types of comics, different tones, yet both under the same artist. COMIC ART IS FASCINATING, YOU GUYS.

Daredevil #14

CHRIS SAMNEE YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. While I am VERY SADDENED to hear that Paolo Rivera is leaving the book (albiet for very good reasons), if that means that Samnee will be even more regular on the book, we're going to be JUST FINE. Now, seriously, if you're not reading Daredevil, you are doing something wrong. I mean that.

Dark Avengers #176

I think this issue we get regular artist Kev Walker back as well as our time-lost Thunderbolts. Is this correct? The Dark Avengers are fine and all, but I need our Thunderbolts back.

Glory #27

Gristled Old Wonder Woman is pretty good, you guys. And ohhhh Ross Campbell.

Invincible Iron Man #519

I'm totally okay with all of the Tron suits we've had since Disney took over.

Journey Into Mystery #640

While I appreciate and admire when writers have clear endpoints in mind for their stories, the knowledge that Kieron Gillen has an endgame in mind for his Journey Into Mystery run and that it may be closer than I'd like, well... it breaks my heart just a little. Especially with this nagging thought that any such endgame would likely also revolve around something I've been trying to deny to myself as a possibility. ...The regrettably inevitable return of Mean Ol' Adult Loki (y'know, the one that all the ladies swoon over in the Avengers movie) and the demise of the delightful scamp, Kid Loki. I don't want this to be a thing. And, while I'm sure there's some comicbooky way of having both Loki's exist, (they kind of already do, albiet in bird form) that's probably not the best idea for comics. So I guess I just need to ENJOY THINGS WHILE THEY LAST and boy howdy do I enjoy this.

New Avengers #27

I legitimately LOVE this Secret History of the Phoenix Force and the K'un L'un. Really surprisingly great. (though I'm waiting for the covers to have ANYTHING to do with the interiors)

New Mutants #44

Well, now that the superb Kid Loki crossover is over and Brian Wood stole David Lopez for his X-Men run, am I back to being on the fence about this sometimes great/sometimes boring comic? This issue features The Defenders, which is a definite plus. I haven't found Leo Fernandez to be the best fit for this book, though. Hurm.

Punisher #12

Sooooo happy to have Chechetto back as artist. Is The Punisher going after Rachel Cole? Is Greg Rucka Tracie's perfect Punisher writer? (yes)

Saga #4

Brian K. Vaughan is magical. Also I hear there's something particularly gross/disturbing/alarming in this issue. Joy!

Secret Avengers #28

It's a little odd to have Secret Avengers and Avengers telling two different Captain Marvel/Protector/Kree stories. Seeing as the one in Avengers just wrapped up, maybe this one will start to make a little more sense. Top notch work from Renato Guedes and Elizabeth Breitweiser in this book, though. (with Matt Wilson stepping in as colorist, this issue)

Supergirl #10

I feel like this has become a pretty solid Supergirl book now that we've sort of given her a friend in the new Silver Banshee, whever that goes. I think it could stand to be a little more fast-paced. Maybe try for some stand-alone stories, more character interactions... But it is a fine little Supergirl book.

Uncanny X-Men #14

So if any of you felt a little confused/left out with the reveal in AvX #5, you really need to get your hands on Uncanny X-Men #13. Once again Kieron Gillen is the writer to step up and make sense of big crossover storylines, much as he did with Schism and Fear Itself. I don't know if that's a personal choice or an editor saying "Hey, write a story that explains this thing that this other guy wrote" but dang is he good at it. Maybe you should just, like, let Kieron write these event books rather than have him explain them for other people? Either way, good stuff. And this issue we get amazing SHEILD artist Dustin Weaver joining Kieron for a story tying together Mr. Sinister's doings in this book with the larger AvX story.

Winter Soldier #7

Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark and Bettie Breitweiser and Bucky Barnes/Black Widow Secret Agent spy stuff and it's so good.

Wolverine #308

I believe this brings us to the conclusion of the awfully disturbing Cullen Bunn/Paul Pelletier run? Man, Dr. Rot is just... yuck.

Wonder Woman #10

I don't know if this is Tony Akins again or Cliff Chiang but they're both so consistent and complimentary, it's going to be another strong issue either way. This book really turns Greek mythology and what we think of as a Wonder Woman comic on its head. Kudos for trying something different and using The New 52 to capitalize on it.

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