Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of April

I'm trying out a Comics Shopper app on my Droid, which lets me download a shipping list each week and check off any books I plan to buy and it'll create a shopping list I can use to then check off the books I buy on Wednesday and keep track of any issues I'm missing. I've been doing that sort of thing manually for AGES, and have, in fact, been compiling THIS weekly post via the iFanboy checklist... but this app seems to take that and my word doc shopping list I use to keep track of issues I'm missing and combine them into one!

So, we'll see how well this works. So far so good! AND it lets me e-mail said shopping list to myself so that I can post THIS!

ALSO OF NOTE, this week, many comic shops are staying open late tonight to sell early copies of AvX #1, including Omaha's own Ground Zero Comics (both 50th St. and Bellevue locations) and Krypton. I don't think the stores are allowed to sell the books until after 8pm or so, but the stores that are participating will have either an Avengers or X-Men variant cover (or both) so you can pick what side you're on. Or buy both! OR NEITHER! LIKE ME! I'll be buying the regular 'ol Jim Cheung cover because I love Jim Cheung.

SO! Comics! The rest of them! Let's talk...

Action Comics #8

Ahhh, it just feels so good being back in the regular timeline after the two issue side-trips. I really am loving this book, though I'm so sad that it appears we might have seen the last of the t-shirt and jeans. I really did think that was a perfect look for this Superman, though, as the comic itself addresses, they don't really stand up to the rigors a full-powered Superman would face.

Amazing Spider-Man #683

"Ends of the Earth" kicked off HUGE! Dan Slott really has quite the handle on big Spider-Events.

Animal Man #8

What can I say? Animal Man is so good.

Avengers Academy #28

SO, I got "tricked" into buying Avengers Academy #27 because it features a major confrontation with The Runaways and has connecting covers by David LaFuente and Christina Strain and guest art by Karl Moline. I'd read the first issue of Academy (when it was inserted/reprinted another comic I was buying) and I liked it, though I wasn't taken with it enough to buy it monthly... Reading #27, I was struck by how GREAT all the scenes with the Runaways were and how I didn't really care that much about what the Academy kids were doing... except that I didn't realize that Juston and his Sentinel were part of the team. (I LOOOOOVED the Sean McKeever Sentinel series) So, having The Runaways and artist Karl Moline guest on the book was enough to get me to buy these two issues... it didn't sell me on the actual stars of this series, it just sold me on the idea that Chris Gage and Karl Moline should do more Runaways comics together.

Avengers Vs X-Men #1

IT'S HERE! I'm a total sucker for this. A bunch of my favorite writers and artists all coming together to pit the Avengers against the X-Men and I'm wicked excited about this. The #0 from Bendis and Aaron had some good emotional oomph so I look forward to more of that, along with all the fisticuffs.

Brilliant #3

My Comics Shopper app seems to think this book is coming out this week. I'M SKEPTICAL but we'll see. I love the story buildup, but it would definitely benefit from a better schedule. (or, dare I say, waiting for a trade... ah well)

Daredevil #10.1

A stand-alone story setting the stage for this month's big Omega Effect crossover with Spider-Man and Punisher! Guest art by Koi Pham and another wonderful cover by Marcos Martin. (including the spelling of the title in Braille)

Fear Itself: The Fearless #12 (of 12)

THE CONCLUSION! Also: HOW DARE YOU, CULLEN BRUNN!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THI-- oh, wait, you think I should read the last issue before I say anymore? Well... fine. (this has been a really good series by the way)

Flex Mentallo Man Of Muscle Mystery , Deluxe Edition

I've been hearing about this series for YEARS and particularly the legal troubles DC faced that prevented them from reprinting the series. Now that I've turned a 180 on Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, (especially their creator-owned work) I'm really quite excited to read this series in a Deluxe Edition hardcover.

Incorruptible #28

Mark Waid does great work. Just FYI.

New Mutants #40

The conclusion of a New Mutants story that strikes me as oddly similar to what's going on in Animal Man/Swamp Thing.

Secret Avengers #24

A lot of websites seemed to think this issue came out last week but I didn't receive it... and it was on the Comics Shopper ship list both weeks so... I hope I have it in my hands tomorrow.

Static Shock #8

Final issue. Poor Static. :(

Swamp Thing #8

What can I say? Swamp Thing is so good. Also: UPDATED NEW 52 SWAMP THING!

Sweet Tooth #32

If anyone was looking for a similarly mysterious and brutal companion series to The Walking Dead that did NOT have anything to do with zombies, I would recommend this series.

Thunderbolts #172

For a book that features no X-Men or any extremely popular characters of any kind (unless we're considering Luke Cage to be popular now) this is one of my very favorite comics at Marvel. It MAKES these characters into favorites.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9

Ultimate Prowler, Ultimate Scorpion, and new artist David Marquez. I will GREATLY miss Sara Pichelli, but Bendis snuck her over to his mysterious new Spider-MEN series coming up.

Wolverine And The X-Men #8

Marvel found a way to concentrate PURE TRACIE HAPPINESS and they are printing it onto these pages.


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