Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nerdy Birthday Loot

Yes, I'm a grown man. But my wife still gets me the best gifts for my inner nerd. And since I love to show off, here is some of my awesome birthday loot.
They are hard to see, but recently I've begin to collect the $1.00, inch sized DC/Marvel mini figures from Walmart. I've sent too much money and have never gotten a Superman figure. Well my wife's luck got me a Superman and a Hal Jordan Green Lantern. (And yet again another Batman!)

I'm also a huge fan lately of the WB tv series, Supernatural. And my here she got me the Anime Series that I couldn't seem to find priced well enough anywhere. So pumped to watch this!!!

And lastly, and probably my favorite. DC Universe Legos. AHHH, these are awesome! I can't wait to build this!! My wife is the coolest!!! Thanks Hun!

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