Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Best Origin Story for G.I.Joe.

Recently, Netflix added the Hub's series GI Joe Renegades to its library. Now being the comic/cartoon nerd that I am. I put it in my queue and forgot about it. Well, I've had a few late nights working and needed some background noise... and thought, eh I'll play this cartoon. Well, I didn't get any work done, because I'm to riveted by this show. Touted as a reboot, when in fact its a quasi Origin story for how the team comes together. This show rocks. It pays homage to the original cartoon while adding a ton of depth to its many characters. This show is incredible. Slowly, episode by episode we are introduced to a new Joe or a new Cobra villain. And its not super campy. I flew through the episodes in days. I do have one complaint. I love every character so far, with the exception of Storm Shadow. His story is good, but they have given him the most ridiculous costume. NO ninja should look like they are wearing a baggy pajamas mask. Other than that this show rocks!!
If you didn't know this show was great... Please check it out. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

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