Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of April 25, 2012

11 Marvel books and 3 DC books, this week. One of which, I'm on the fence about. Admittedly, my upbringing is that of a Marvel Zombie, but for a good stretch there, I thought it was about an even split down the middle.

I don't know how much of that is due to a change in tastes or a change in quality or being freed from the shackles of continuity and the "need" to follow what's going on in the "universe."

It continues to provide some food for thought, as I continually examine my reading/buying habits.

So, let us resume my weekly examination, shall we?

Angel And Faith #9

Seriously, STILL so good. Gage and Issacs are just top notch, here. I expected this series to be the weaker of the two Buffyverse monthlies but, in fact, it may just be the better of the two, though they're both quite good and much more consistent than the Season 8 stuff had been.

Aquaman #8

I think, if you weren't look at this as part of The New 52, this would still be just a really solid superhero book starring Aquaman. It doesn't push boundaries the way The Flash and Wonder Woman do, but it's a solid Aquaman comic and I respect that.

Art Of Amanda Conner

I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A THING TO EXIST BUT IF I SEE IT AT MY SHOP IT WILL BE MINE--DO NOT TOUCH IT. Apparently IDW has put together a 200 page book of Amanda Conner art and this is a thing that I need. I love Amanda to pieces.

AvX Vs #1

Some may see this AvX companion series as filler but I see it as a chance for some of my favorite writers and artists to depict some of my favorite characters beating the shirt out of each other. I mean, come on, what right-thinking person WOULDN'T want to see Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert pit Iron Man against Magneto, much less Kathryn and Stuart Immonen pit The Thing versus Namor. There is no way this won't be the coolest-looking, most action-packed comic on the stands.

Cabin In The Woods Official Visual Companion

IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN CABIN IN THE WOODS, YOU HAVE TO SEE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Everyone I know who's seen it has left the theater grinning from ear to ear. What a riot! After you have seen then, you are going to want this book, as it contains the complete script as well as photos and designs for all of the... er... well... um... stuff... that... you are going to want to see more of.

Captain America And Hawkeye #629

I'm cool with this book transitioning from a Cap & Bucky Through the Ages book to a Captain America Team-Up book but I really wasn't sure how enthused I'd be about Cap and Hawkeye teaming up for a few issues but Cullen Bunn has really impressed me with his 6th Gun series at Oni, as well as The Fearless. Plus, he kind of sold me when I found out Cap and Hawkeye would be spending these issues FIGHTING DINOSAURS.

Daredevil #11

The conclusion of the excellent Omega Effect crossover, aka "Greg Rucka and Mark Waid Make Tracie So Happy." Spidey, Daredevil, and The Punisher versus EVERY MAJOR CRIME SYNDICATE.

FF #17

Cue the Odd Couple theme! Spidey and Human Torch living together! Someone better paint a line dividing the room in half! Hickman, you can't leave these books, they make me so happy!

Flash #8


Mighty Thor #13

Donald Blake, what's your deal? I think Mighty Thor took a bit to find its voice but I dig it.

Moon Knight #12

Final issue of Moon Knight! Very good series from Bendis and Maleev but I need more Scarlet now, please.

New Avengers #25

What is the connection between Iron Fist and the Phoenix Force? I mean, besides this SUPER SWEET cover. Also, there is no way Bendis can leave the Avengers books without at least launching his own Luke Cage & Jessica Jones series, right?

Secret Avengers #26

Avengers in spaaaaaace, getting their butts whupped by cosmic fire bird thing.

Teen Titans #8

Teen Titans, I don't know about you. You were holding my curiousity for a while there but I have little interest in this crossover business and I mostly just want to know more about the Bart Allen of The New 52. You may be on Flip-Test status, now. Also, man, if Teen Titans was drawn by R.B. Silva or Bart Allen became a supporting castmember in Superboy, I would totally drop one of those two books. As they stand, I remain conflicted.

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #9

I'm conflicted about Hickman transitioning out of this series, too. I liked Our Love is Real but I don't know how Sam Humphries will handle The Ultimates. I dunno, I'm just not sure it'll be the same book I was excited about when Hickman and Ribic took over. We'll see. Still got more of those guys to enjoy, though.

Uncanny X-Men #11

Juggerlossus versus Rulk! Versus Bennifer versus Brangelina!

Wolverine #305

All-new team of The 6th Gun's Cullen Bunn and his Fearless team-mate Paul Pelletier! Jason Aaron's run was definitely something special but this writer and artist have impressed me a number of times, I'm curious to see what they will do with everyone's favorite psychotic school administrator.

'Til next week! EXCELSIOR!

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