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Tracie's Pull List - Week of October 24 & 31, 2012

Doubling up this week as I still play catch-up.

Also, did we actually have an October this year? This is ridiculous.


A-Babies Vs X-Babies #1

This was supposed to be in stores last week but was apparently delayed? The shipping list still says it was last week but my store didn't get it and it sounds like no one else did either. Odd. Also odd is the very conceit of this book but I love it. A send-up of the recent AvX crossover event but with all the characters as adorable babies, written by the creator of the adorable baby variant covers, Skottie Young, and drawn by the masters of adorable comic art, Gurihiru, formerly of the excellent and cute Power Pack comics and current artists of the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels.

Amazing Spider-Man #696

Hobgoblin War! Big changes coming!

AvX Consequences #3

I imagined this book would be a little more scattered than this but instead we seem to have a bit of Scott Summers in "Oz" with this mini, as we see how he's treated by friends and inmates while imprisoned for his crimes during AvX.

Avengers #32

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THE MYSTERY AVENGER IS IN THE MICROVERSE but I like that I can still be excited and intrigued even as we count down to Bendis's final issue of the series. [Edit: Oh, well, so now I've read it and I feel like an idiot for not figuring that out right away.]

Batman Incorporated #4

Wingman and Redbird! Damion being upset about things! TT!

Captain America #19

FINAL ISSUE of Ed Brubaker's 8 YEAR RUN on the title. 8 DANG YEARS. The biggest, most acclaimed run Captain America has ever had, I should think. Death of Cap, Return of Bucky, Winter Soldier (soon to be a major motion picture), BuckyCap, both Nomads, D-Man, major changes for Sharon Carter... I've been following Brubaker's Cap from day one and it's the first and only time I've ever followed Cap's adventures monthly, unless you count borrowing my brother's copies of the Liefeld/Loeb Heroes Reborn Cap issues. (which he dropped after Liefeld left) I'm super psyched for what Rick Remender and John Romita, Jr. plan to do with this book so I've no intentions of walking away, but this was the run that made me a Cap fan and I'm gonna miss it.

FF #23

The final-final issue of Jonathan Hickman's incredible F4/FF run. This is... this's gonna be a hard one to beat. I'm looking forward to seeing what Fraction, Bagley, and Allred do with these books but this's going to be a hard run to beat. Like, impossible hard. I think it's smart that Fraction's going a COMPLETELY different direction with FF and taking F4 on a cosmic road trip is a good way to step out of Hickman's shadow a bit but this is really THE best run I think this book has had, tied with Waid and Wieringo's run. If you say to yourself that you don't like the Fantastic Four, it's because you've never read those runs. Hickman had such a gift for BIG ideas that never took precedence over emotional imact. This is the run to beat, everybody.

Flash #13

GORILLA ATTAAAAACK!!!! (so glad to have Manapul back)

Incredible Hulk #15

Final issue of Jason Aaron's SUPER WEIRD Hulk arc. It was SUPER WEIRD you guys. Super weird. Entertainingly weird but... super weird. Looking forward to a more back-to-basics approach from Waid and Yu.

Invincible Iron Man #527

FINAL ISSUE. I've dabbled in Iron Man off and on. I first started buying it during Joe Quesada's run, following through to Frank Tieri with the awesome Keron Grant art. Picked up the TPBs for Extremis and the Civil War stuff following. Little things here and there. But nothing like Fractions' Iron Man. I missed the boat originally. I hadn't yet been fully introduced to Matt Fraction's work and wasn't a fan of the artist Salvador Larocca had become but hearing all the acclaim, plus the excitement from the Iron Man movie, I picked up the first hardcover... and then the second... and then I realized this book was so good, too good to continue waiting for trades so I jumped to picking up the monthlies. That doesn't happen a lot but this was one where I felt like I needed to be issue-to-issue so as to avoid any possible spoilers and join in the talk and acclaim this book was rightfully receiving. Fraction has done SO MUCH for this character, a character who had a bit of a hard time shaking off the "Bad Guy" look after Civil War and being in charge of S.H.E.I.L.D. This book made Tony Tony again. And then ripped him apart and put him back together and ripped him apart again. Such great character exploration and such perfect timing for a world that has since become enamored with Tony Stark after Robert Downey Jr. made the formerly B-list character a billion dollar household name.

Journey Into Mystery #645


Punisher War Zone #1

The beginning of the end of Greg Rucka's awesome Punisher run. The Avengers finally decide to take Frank Castle off the board but Frank is smart and dude's with super powers and robot suits take those things for granted.

Secret Avengers #33

Remender's bringing this series to a close so HEY WHY NOT KILL SOME CHARACTERS.

Superman #13

Well, I... just... don't... know...


A+X #1

Hey! It's Marvel NOW! now and the Avengers and X-Men just got done beating the holy heck out of each other so now it's time to be best friends and form a X-Vengers team thing and here's a mini-series where we get over the two teams fighting each other and watch them team up with each other maybe probably! Different Avengers/X-Men team ups and creators each issue! Here we get Dan Slott and Ron Garney with a Cable/Captain America team-up involving TIME TRAVEL and Jeph Loeb and fan-favorite Hulk artist Dale Keown with a Wolverine/Hulk team-up which will probably actually just be a fight because that's what those dudes have been doing since Wolverine first appeared.

Action Comics Annual #1

Here's what is exciting about this: Sholly Fish, the guy who writes those really great, emotional back-up tales in Action Comics gets a full-length Superman story featuring his first encounter with Kryptonite in The New 52 and amazing artist (and one of the lead New 52 designers) Cully Hamner draws the thing. Then Max Landis, the screenwriter of Chronicle and the dude in that hilarious Death of Superman YouTube video, writes his first ever comic story as drawn by Ryan Sook! This makes the book already 1,000 times more exciting than the Superman fights Hellspont for some reason Annual drawn by a bunch of rushed artists.

Angel And Faith #15

I wish this was a Halloween special but instead it's a stand-alone Whistler story with some Pearl and Nash history and guest-art by Dave Lapham.

Aquaman #13

Kind of weird that Zero Month interrupted this storyline and we NOW get the finale to "The Others" but here ya go. Also I guess this is Ivan Reis' last issue on art?

AvX Consequences #4

Iron Man confronts Cyclops! (as written by soon-to-be regular Iron Man writer Kieron Gillen)

CBLDF Liberty Annual #5

Bunch of great creators pitching in short stories to help out the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Including a Walking Dead Governer story by Kirkman and Adlard. WELL TIMED, GUYS. Y'all are watching Season 3 of the TV show, right?

Captain Marvel #6

I love Emma Rios. Can we keep her? ALSO, this issue, we time travel to the birth of Carol Danvers' powers. Featuring the original Mar-Vell!

Mighty Thor #22

FINAL ISSUE. We say so long to Matt Fraction's PRETTY GOOD Thor run. Not as monumental as his Iron Man but some quality stuff there. And it gave us Kid Loki so WHO ARE WE TO COMPLAIN? Barry Kitson art on this one, I believe.

Superman Family Adventures #6

Superman versus Metallo in an adorable battle!

Swamp Thing Annual #1

Becky Cloonan and Scott Snyder team up once again! I love Becky Cloonan.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1

Special Point One issue, strangely setting up a story that I don't think the series will actually get to until January, after they're past this current arc with The Ultimates and "United We Stand."

Winter Soldier #12

Bucky and Wolverine team up to try to rescue Black Widow's messed up brains.

Wolverine And The X-Men #19

WHAT HAPPENS TO THAT CHARACTER THAT SOMETHING HORRIBLE JUST HAPPENED TO? Also, this is the first post-AvX Marvel NOW! issue and they're interviewing new teachers for the Jean Grey School. Guest-stars galore! Who could it be??

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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