Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of November 7, 2012

AMERICA, WE HAVE A PRESIDENT! You made your voices heard and stuff and it was great even though we almost tore each other apart over it. But it's cool now and we can get back to our regular-ass lives and talk about important things like comic books.

You like comic books, right? Good, so do I. Let's talk about them. Here is what I am purchasing with the money I earned at the job that I have.

Action Comics #14

You guys, this issue features guest art by Chris Sprouse (of Tom Strong fame) and a guest APPEARANCE by Neil deGrasse Tyson who has used his actual astrophysisist knowledge genius to determine where in known space Krypton would be located and THAT. IS. AWESOME. I love you Neil.

Animal Man #14

Rotworld: Red Kingdom part 2! Guest-starring John Constantine and a bunch of evil gross meat people who used to be superheroes.

AvX Consequences #5

MAGNETOOOOO. Interesting new set-up for the remainder of Cyclops' Extinction Team.

Avengers #33

I am a dum-dum for not figuring out the mystery Avenger but HOT DANG Bendis is not going out quietly. Also, this is the penultimate issue of Bendis' Avengers. That is a thing.

Avenging Spider-Man #14

Awesome painter Gabriel DelOtto does a Spider-Man/Devil Dinosaur team-up and THAT IS RAD.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow Wonderland #1

Jeff Parker joins the Buffyverse and writes a Willow mini-series which is PRETTY GREAT NEWS. His compatriot Christos Gage has been killing it on Angel & Faith so I'm excited to see how Parker handles Willow's story.

Daredevil End Of Days #2

First issue was excellent! So cool to have these celebrated Daredevil creators weave this dark tale of that character's final days.

Deadpool #1

Alright, folks, here we go. We've had other books slap the "Marvel NOW!" logo on their covers but we haven't had a real "NOW!" book since last month's Uncanny Avengers. This week we finally start to roll out the relaunches and new creative teams starting with Deadpool. Deadpool is a character I actually do love when he has whipsmart creators who know how to mine him for optimum fun while also throwing in some unexpected depth and twists to him. Joe Kelly, Gail Simone, Rick Remender... Even the very short stint by Dr. McNinja creator Chris Hastings (let him write more funny things, everybody). I don't think Daniel Way's run was bad by any means. I read it for a good while but I lost interest. It didn't really connect with me on a level that was funny enough or intriguing enough. Particularly when Remender was doing such amazing work with the character in Uncanny X-Force. But here we have something that could be pretty special and harken back to the beloved Kelly and Simone stuff. We've got two comedians, Gerry Duggan and the surprisingly brilliant choice of Brian Posehn writing Deadpool with Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore on art. Moore's an artist with GREAT comic sensibilities while also excelling at disgusting violence. That all sounds like a perfect cocktail for a Deadpool relaunch. Plus you have brilliant covers by Geof Darrow, how cool is that? Throw Deadpool up against reanimated presidents? The day after Election Day? That's spectacular. I've got high hopes for this. And I haven't said that about a Deadpool comic since Simone took over.

Defenders #12

This is the final issue of a really great and smart and unique and stylish superhero series starring a bunch of people that aren't Wolverine, Spider-Man, or Deadpool or even any founding Avengers and that is a rare and wonderful thing and it breaks my heart that the series didn't sell and had to be canceled. Shame on you. Here's hoping Matt Fraction's equally quirky looking FF picks up this torch.

Dial H #6

SPEAKING OF QUIRKY, is this the quirkiest book that DC publishes? At least of the New 52? It is why I keep coming back.

Green Lantern #14

More Baz. More Third Army. More Guardians ackin all cray-cray. WHAT IS YOUR DEAL, GUARDIANS?

Iron Man #1

Aaaaand here we have the second big Marvel NOW! launch of the week. Kieron Gillen steps into Matt Fraction's shoes YET AGAIN and takes over Iron Man with "fan favorite" artist Greg Land. I love Kieron and I adored Fraction's run on the book. It'd be nice to have an Iron Man comic where I could really get behind the art but here's hoping that there's enough charm here to win me over on a new Iron Man run.

New Avengers #32


Road To Oz #3

So pretty and perfect. HEY MARVEL, CAN YOU GET THE RIGHTS TO DO HARRY POTTER COMICS AND LET SKOTTIE YOUNG DO THAT? We would all be super happy and also $$$$$

Stumptown Volume 2 #3

I love you Greg Rucka, keep writing comics please thank you.

Swamp Thing #14

Rotworld: Green Kingdom Part 2! Swamp Thing is pissed and also HUUUGE?

Sweet Tooth #39


Uncanny X-Force #33


Worlds' Finest #6

So I have made the decision to drop Earth 2 because I have slowly realized that, while it had a very strong start, I do not find myself actually interested in what happens in that book. WHEREAS I still really love the comeraderie of Power Girl and Huntress, even if I thought Power Girl's story, last issue, was idiotic. Plus, here we have Earth 2 Helena Wayne meet Earth Here Damien Wayne and that sounds fantastic.

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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