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Tracie's Pull List - Week of November 14, 2012

Still playing catch-up, here. Sorry folks.

A lot of these are going to be more like mini-reviews than hyperbole/conjecture, seeing as I've read all of these issues by this point. But still, take a look won't you!

All-New X-Men #1

Here we go. While Wolverine and the X-Men remains business as usual (thankfully), here we have the launch of the new flashship X-book and the beginning of Bendis' tenure as the lead X-writer, guiding the X-Men in new directions, they way he had with the Avengers the past 8 or whatever years. It's exciting! Bendis made me an Avengers fan. I had been buying Avengers off and on before hand, mostly sampling bits of the Busiek/Perez run and not really grabbing on until the Geoff Johns run everyone seems to forget about. But once Bendis started and disassembled the whole thing I was hooked for his entire run, including the numerous spin-offs. (of which there is already one on the horizon with the relaunched Uncanny X-Men in 2013) The hook with All-New X-Men is a pretty good one, I think. Cyclops and his Extinction Team just did a number on the world and only Cyclops' own teenage self, transported from the past along with the rest of the original X-Men, may have a chance to save him. Or, as I like to put it... it's like an inverse Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes.

Amazing Spider-Man #697

The Goblin War wraps up as we close in on the bit #700 final issue milestone crazypants internet cracking thingamadoo that Dan Slott plans to bring down on the character.

Ame-Comi Girls #2, Featuring Batgirl

I am a sucker for these designs and the "girl power" of these books... it's refreshing to have a superhero title with nothing but female heroes and female villains and it's not just a vehicle for cheesecake, Palmiotti and Gray actually try to make the story and characters interesting so well done, everybody. Good on you.

Avengers Assemble #9

Guys, even though this is the debut issue of Kelly Sue Deconnick and Stefano Caselli's Avengers Assemble run, it is already my favorite Avengers book and I think it has succeeded at what I don't think Bendis & Bagley's run quite accomplished in that this book FEELS like the Avengers movie. I mean, that was the whole point, right? You put the movie line-up in a new series timed with the launch of the film and you want it to be that perfect bridge book for fans of the movie and while Bendis & Bagley did some decent work and set up returns for Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos (also helpful for moviegoers), it lacked the fun and comeraderie that Whedon's Avengers had... but it's here. They have that. Kelly and Stefano have made a FUN book. Like, this comic made me SMILE you guys. I had GOOD FEELINGS. It was fun to read because it was clearly fun to make and it translates so well. Also didn't hurt to have Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman added to the team. HERE'S HOPING that's a hint of who we could expect to see added in Avengers 2 come 2015.

Batman #14

Snyder and Capullo are making the most tense, creepiest, pulse-pounding Batman comic I have ever read. As good and creepy and twisty as the Court of Owls stuff was, this is so much moreso and it's the Batman's greatest villain doing what could be some of his greatest villainy. So good.

Batman And Robin #14

The other really good but less talked about Batman book!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #15

The conclusion of the Billy the Vampire Slayer story! IT'S CUTE.

Fantastic Four #1

I typically love Matt Fraction but dude has some HUUGE shoes to fill following one of the very best runs the Fantastic Four has ever seen. So far he's off to a good start, picking up with Hickman left off but also taking things in a different direction. It's a strong transition so far and I'm excited to see what more Fraction and Bagley can do with the book.

Mega Man #19

Single issue story focusing on the female

New Avengers #33

We are closing in on the end and HEY LOOK we have Mike Avon Oeming joining Brian Bendis on this penultimate issue of New Avengers! Now we know what it'd be like if the Avengers were in the Powers universe. Only less swearing/nudity/gore.

Saga #7

If you've heard of Saga, you've heard how brilliant. If you haven't... It's brilliant.

Thor God Of Thunder #1

Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, and Dean White take Thor in a bold new direction and I LOVE it. I enjoyed Fraction's run but this, I feel like this could be very powerful stuff indeed. The artwork is so lush... it captures that Frazetta-like fantasy world and gives it a very cinematic feel and I feel like we're getting a Thor (or Thors, as this takes place over three seperate time periods) we haven't seen before or at least in some time.

Wolverine And The X-Men #20

Steven Sanders guest art! The return of the new Silver Samurai! Mystique! More doings with Angel! Also a shark girl! You had me at any one of those things.

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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