Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of October 3, 2012

So I watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on last night and I really dug it. Like a lot. Probably shouldn't type much about it right now as I may want to cover it on our Google+ Hangout tonight but you should check it out if you're a Turtle fan. Specifically one who grew up with the 80's cartoon.

I really just wanted to stay at home all day and watch my TMNT blu-ray collection after that. May yet throw one of them on tonight.

But not until after I pick up THESE babies from the shop tonight...

Action Comics #13

SAD TIMES, were are down to the last four issues of Morrison's run on Action Comics. However, we get the return of Krypto, Phantom Zone enemies, and the Phantom Stranger? Also apparently Travel Foreman jumped from Birds of Prey to do a guest spot here.

Amazing Spider-Man #695

'Archer' has forever ruined the phrase "Danger Zone" for me but here we have Danger Zone part 1, leading up to the presumably earth-shaking #700. Hobgoblin War!

Animal Man #13

"Rotworld" kicks off for real with "The Red Kingdom" and pulling in other animal-power-related DC heroes into this post-apocalyptic DCU.

AvX Vs #6

It's a jam issue capping off AvX with the headlining battle between Hope and Scarlet Witch plus "all the best frights AvX didn't show you" from folks like Jeph Loeb, Art Adams, Stuart & Kathryn Immonen, Jason Aaron and more.

Avengers Vs X-Men #12

Well, this is it, you guys. The final issue of AvX. Big changes for the X-Men, Avengers, and Marvel all-around as the stage is set for all the Marvel NOW! relaunches (kicking off next week with Uncanny Avengers)

Before Watchmen Rorschach #2

I'm not totally sure what the Rorschach book is going for but it sure is pretty.

Daredevil End Of Days #1

GUYS, this book was first announced way back in 2007 and it's FINALLY HERE. A big ol' Daredevil jam fest with Brian Bendis, David Mack, Alex Maleev, Klaus Janson, and Bill Sienkiewicz return to a character they all made huge marks on to give their interpretation of the last Daredevil story ever.

Defenders #11

Penultimate issue of a really great, unique Marvel superhero series. We need more books like these which is why it's always so heartbreaking when they disappear from the shelves. Not enough Wolverines and Deadpools I guess.

Dial H #5

After the eye-opening #0 issue, I'm even more excited to get back to the H-Dial story.

Earth 2 #5

I miss classic Grundy but I'm curious about the Earth 2 version of The Rot.

Green Lantern #13

"The Third Army" starts here! How does the new Green Lantern fit into all of this?

Legends Of The Dark Knight #1

As some sort of caveperson who doesn't do digital, I'm excited to get to read these previously digital-exclusive, non-continuity Batman stories. Particularly the Damon Lindelof/Jeff Lemire collaboration. I mean c'mon, the co-creator of LOST does a Batman story!!

Road To Oz #2

I do hope this series isn't the last of the Marvel Illustrated line.

Swamp Thing #13

Rotworld: The Green Kingdom! Plant people! Gross stuff, probably!

Sweet Tooth #38

Just two issues left!

Uncanny X-Force #32

Just 3 issues left! How good is this book? When relaunching it in Marvel NOW!, they had to split X-Force into 2 books in order to come close to how good this one book is. (probably not actual reasoning)

Uncanny X-Men #19

The penultimate issue of Kieron Gillen's stellar and underrated X-Men run. Here we have one last little AvX aside, of which Gillen has been knocking out of the park, providing perspective on the AvX events that elevate the series as a whole.

Worlds' Finest #5

I believe we get guest-art by Jerry Ordway here? Also, I hope, more BFFing between Huntress and Power Girl because it makes me happy.

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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