Saturday, September 15, 2012

CBXF_09-12-12_Comic Collecting/Hording & Death in Comics

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  1. Good choice picking a Venture related item to collect, I collect the Mego-style ones myself. Also it makes me happy whenever someone supports my favorite show ever. Remember we are getting a Halloween special this year.

    As for collecting, if anyone collects modern comics and believes they will ever see a dime from them they are a very sad lot. Speaking for myself I collect what I read and for novelty.

    The former is rather obvious, while the latter needs some explaining. Mainly I like to collect books which no one else really wants. Failed characters or series concepts are just so fascinating to me. Plus it makes me feel like a little unique by going after these instead of the big issues. I mean while it would be nice to have Uncanny X-Men #137 but first I would seek out Phoenix: The Untold Story.

    As for death in comics I honestly think there is only one way to make it matter again. And that is not to kill anyone for at least 5 years, possibly longer. It has just become so rampant that it has lost all of it's impact, if anything it has become a joke. The real problem with comicbook death is now more than ever we know it is going to last because more often than not the companies have nothing to replace a dead character. The lack of new characters is compounded by the companies drive to have characters remain "iconic", because the general public can't recognize a hero when they get a new costume apparently. Though with both the New 52 and Marvel Now actually handing out new costumes left and right perhaps we can finally move away from all this "iconic" bullshit.