Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comics/Animation Lose a Hero

By now most have heard of the passing of Dwayne McDuffie, well known creator and writer of many comics and cartoons. Some of his credits... Justice League the cartoon on Cartoon Network as well as the Justice League of America comic book, founding creator of Milestone Comics, and most recently, wrote the story to the animated All Star Superman for DC.

We didn't know anything about him personally, but professionally, he touched so much of what we love... Its truly sad and an incredible tragedy. We at CBXF feel loss... a terrible void.  And we never even met the man. 

In tribute, this week's OCW will be any character from the Milestone Universe that was co-created by Dwayne. If you'd also like to contribute, please send a jpeg of your image to Comicbxf@yahoo.com

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