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Day before the Movie, Tracie & Robb discuss Man of Steel and the DC movie Universe Possibilities.

ROBB: I'm so pumped... it's like my Christmas, Super bowl and Halloween wrapped in one!
Some cameos I'd like to see. Nothing big, just small references in name or whatever.
1.) BIBBO!!! Don't give him a speaking role. But have a guy towards the end of the movie... "sorta like the end of Avengers with the people on TV all sporting Avengers shirts and cheering the team". You can be interviewing people and you see him on TV wearing "Superman's Pal" T-shirt!
2.) Kelex!!!!! My Favorite Kryptonian robot. Use the name or have that floating E.T. Shaped robot near a Baby Kal-el.
3.) Lucy Lane??? Not so important... But I'd like the reference.
4.) Lex Luthor. Keep him as a cameo. Very small. Maybe a child hood friend in Smallville? Maybe a Lex corp thingie. (Which we've seen teased in a trailer for a split second)
5.) Martian Manhunter... How cool would the movie been if that old farm hand at the end of the movie morphs into Jonn? Too soon, I'm sure. But I would like at least vague references to other heroes existing or the possibilities of power out there somewhere.
6.)The DC equivalent of Stan Lee. I don't know if there is one. Many of the guard has passed. We've seen Noel Neill and the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in other Superman movies. Maybe start something new. That will carry over to all the DC movies? Who is that person?  I'm not sure. Dan Didio? Geoff Johns? Jim Lee?

 Ok... enough wishing! :)
Tracie: "Here we are, reporting from the Ace O' Clubs in Suicide Slum..." ;)
Kelex would be great. Lucy could get a reference. I expect General Lane is a part of it. There's no doubt gonna be a Lex tease of some kind. It can't just be a building in the background. I like that they're backing off of him a little due to overuse but he's too important not to tease. Like how Batman Begins was smart to avoid The Joker until that card tease at the end. Manhunter would be the easiest tease of them all, to joinng together a DCU (because he can appear anywhere as anyone) but I dunno if we'd see that. And Smallville already used that set up rather brilliantly (for the uber-nerds) when they did the great Oreo cookie tease. I remember freaking out about that and having to explain to my parents why seeing a cookie in the barn was important/exciting.
DC doesn't have a Stan Lee, unfortunately. Lee is sort of timeless and all-encompassing. And he's responsible (well, half-responsible) for the creation of so many major Marvel characters and teams. DC doesn't have anyone like that or no one living, at least. No Gardner Fox cameos or Julie Schwartz. I guess Didio, Johns, or Lee could cameo but I don't know if anyone would recognize those dudes on screen the way we recognize Stan. Jim Lee, maybe. I don't think it would have the same effect, though.
ROBB: Julie Schwartz would have been great! And he was a great interview, so he could have been cool to see in cameos. Yeah No one is Stan. From the moment I heard his voice at the beginning of the cartoon, Spider-man and his Amazing friends." He has been immortalized as the man behind Marvel. And DC has no equivalent. Maybe start a new thing... like a "Snapper Carr", Re-occurring background character? Or some other unifying DC universal character. What if it was someone like Ganthet? Or Highfather? The Wizard Shazam?  (HEHEHEHE that last one cracked me up, I don't see a Capt'n Marvel/Shazam in a JL Universe where you already have Superman)

You could have the Eradicator? Originally in weapon form, then in humanoid form and set up a future villain? Possible future villains??? Please No Doomsday, tho. Not something I want. And No "Cyborg Superman" either. Parasite would be cool...No Toyman or Pranksters. Myx is always a favorite of mine. Mongul and the Exile story would be incredible... but with a Planet Hulk movie in the mix, that might be too similar. I'm just brainstorming. But Under the right director and writers.... Oh I get so excited!
Yes avoiding Lex I think is important. (Like Dark Knight and the use of the Joker) Mentions of him are fine. I don't know what version of Lex will go with this Superman. Evil scientist? Evil Business man? Armor wearing super villain? President Lex? Guess we will find out soon. :) But Lexcorp apparently exists according to the teasers. So I'm leaning towards him being a Business man? Will we see a young bald kid/red headed kid in a classroom with young Clark?

I forgot the Oreo reference in Smallville. That was great and totally obscure for just nerds!! I mean a "Choco". (spelling?)

Tracie: I feel like Doomsday is inevitable just because he's the most recognizable Superman villain next to Lex (or Zod, I guess... or Bizarro... but I don't want Bizarro because he's just another Superman for Superman to fight). But that would be for a Dark Knight Rises type movie. His "Bane" so to speak. Parasite, yes. I like Toyman though I don't know how well he'd work in film, though you could use a variation on the Superman/Batman Japanese Toyman who builds giant robots.
Supposedly the Planet Hulk movie isn't going to happen so DC could try to do a variation on Exile/Mongul.
Brainiac seems like a thing that has to happen. I'd also like to see a cool, tough Metallo, but kryptonite needs to be introduced for that to matter. I want giant robot Ed McGuinness Metallo. Or Metal-Zero from New 52.
I want Darkseid, but Darkseid seems destined to be a JL villain, though they could start teasing him, a la Thanos.
(though maybe since he and Thanos are similar, DC won't want to tread there?)
Atomic Skull?
ROBB: I'd love a Jack Rider or Snapper Carr.

Atomic Skull is great!!! Yeah! And Metallo too. To me, Brainiac should be the inevitable. Maybe clues of him as being part of something Kryptonian related? (Like they did in the Superman Animated series?) But, you don't want to forget the green headed alien version because I have a great proposal for a DC answer to Guardians of the Galaxy. Why not make a Legion of Superheroes? Plant THAT seed in the Man of Steel movie? Maybe a "Mon-el" childhood friend? Or a visit from super kids in a bubble in Smallville? Ok now I'm totally being a fanboy nerd!!! But I think Legion could be a great answer to Guardians!
I agree that eventually a Doomsday story would come. But THAT would be the "Bane" to Batman. And you could introduce a Superboy or Supergirl or Steel or whatever in that movie. "GUSH GUSH GUSH".

No Planet Hulk movie now? I'm actually ok with that. I feel like that might be an odd direction for what they have established as Avengers Universe. But it was also cool to think of a Hulk Gladiator movie!! Would have been epic fighting.

Darkseid... Is basically Thanos. And I already don't like that he's rumored to be the JL villain. Because where do you go after that? A Crisis level villain? I think we've talked about this before. But It’s too big to start with. Or we said that about Thanos and the Avengers? To go so big so quick, leaves you nowhere else to go.

Tracie: Legion would seem tough but so does Guardians. I'd think you'd need a Justice League established before you could establish a Legion. Not that you can't drop hints/easter eggs.
I don't want things to get too cluttered too quickly. Consider that Man of Steel is maybe the Iron Man to kick off DC's new slate of Superhero movies. (assuming that they might discount the Green Lantern movie completely and that it doesn't fit into this new world being built, if that is indeed what they are doing) Let's get a good, solid Superman movie with maybe a few seeds/easter eggs but wait 'til the next one to really start layering in stuff. Brainiac seems like an obvious thing they could start setting up now, the way they did in the animated series. Possibly an Eradicator weapon namedrop or use.
Kryptonian stuff seems like fair play. Hell, the tie-in digital comic was told from Kara's perspective.
Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon I think both have said there were no plans for Planet Hulk. I liked the potential in the turnaround that would bring World War Hulk as an Avengers 3 or Avengers 4 story. Hulk being betrayed by these people he's put his trust in, shot into space, spend all this time on an alien planet, found acceptance, had everything taken away and then he returns to Earth for payback. That's a great story and lots of blockbuster action to be had. I don't know what their Hulk plans are now, outside of whatever he ends up doing in Avengers 2. They gotta have something big because he was such a breakout hit in Avengers.
I'm with you on Darkseid being maybe too much for an initial JL movie.
Marvel seems to be playing it safe by teasing Thanos and then maybe not even actually putting him in main villain status until Avengers 3.
Justice League obviously needs to go up against Starro in the first movie. ;)
(kind of not kidding)
ROBB: Are you kidding... I'm totally on board for a Starro invasion! You could do the thing (I think it was...) The Detroit Justice League faced. Where there are Starro face-huggers. The cartoon did it too, right? No... I'm thinking of a Batman Beyond episode where "Future" Superman had a Starro on him and he was betraying the Justice League. I think Starro could work as a great villain. Then you could find he's being controlled by a greater force that is testing the Earth for a future invasion.

I like a villain team idea as well for a movie. Like a team formed by Luthor or whomever? But that would be a lot of characters to learn about in a short amount of time. Amazo? Like they did in the Justice League cartoon? Ultimately, I think you tease Darkseid in the Superman movies. He’d be a sort of puppet master/background villain. And then you throw all kinds of villains at the Justice League. Maybe even have an evil alliance with an Earth villain like Luthor or Vandal Savage or? Lol Oh I'm just gushing and spitballing. I just want to see so much on screen and I want to see it right. So Yes I agree with you. Pace the universe and careful how much you reveal. Focus on Superman and making him great... but leave the door open to a broader DC world!!!
OHHH, what about L.E.G.I.O.N. instead of LSOH? As DC's answer to the Guardians? It's still space Sci-Fi Opera, but with DC heroes? Then you could throw in a Rann vs Thanagar fight or the Omega Men? This could be DC's cosmic???  Come on Tracie... Please. I mean there is talk of DC doing a Justice League Dark movie!??? Why not a DC cosmic movie?  Please Tracie??!!! Gimme this one!!! :)
Tracie: I vote Space Cabby.

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