Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of July 4, 2012

There appear to be some sort of anti-nerd forces working against me this week. I missed my chance at getting free passes to an early screening of Amazing Spider-Man. My BROTHER got passes and didn't invite me to be his Plus One. The CBXF crew all appear to be too busy on Independance Day to sneak out and see the movie with me. AND every comic shop in town appears to be open tomorrow except the one I have my pull list with. Seriously, we are a town FULL of comic shops but the ONE that I choose to patronize the most is the one that actually decides to honor the holiday.


So MAYBE I'll have to go by myself or wait til the weekend to see Spider-Man and I GUESS can wait until Friday to pick up my comics. (can't make it Thursday, unfortunately...) TOUGH BREAKS. Tough breaks for Tracie who just wants to read comics and see comic book movies. I DON'T ASK FOR MUCH IN LIFE. WE AGREED THAT I COULD DIE ALONE SO LONG AS I HAD THESE THINGS.

Ah, well... at least I can still TALK about comics. ...To myself... Unless one of you looky-lous would like to chime in. WHICH YOU MAY! Chime, chime away with this week's Pull List:

Action Comics #11

VERY curious turn of events in last month's Action Comics. I dig it but I have no idea where they're going with it. Which is, y'know... FUN!

Amazing Spider-Man #689

Spider-Man and Morbius versus The Lizard! If Amazing Spider-Man (The Movie) actually included Morbius, then all the ridiculous "Twilight" insults being preemptively thrown around might actually mean something.

Animal Man #11

The conclusion of "Extinction Is Forever!" What happens to poor little mullet boy??

Avengers Vs X-Men #7

Hot DANG this event went from "okay" to "YESSS" once the Phoenix Force started really phoenixing. And, of course, I'm a sucker for the sweet juxtoposition of the phrase "No More Avengers." Also, Olivier Coipel, you guys. Hot dang.

Batman Earth One

So here's a thing. Fans of our blog/pod/vidcast might know that I was not a big fan of Superman Earth One. It definitely felt like "This is how Hollywood of Today sees Superman" (which I hope is not what Goyer/Nolan and Snyder see) Broody, dickish Superman making explosions happen. I have a lot of respect for the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank team and I'm pretty curious how they'll spin a fresh take on Batman with this one. Particularly when you already have Chris Nolan's Batman out there. This one definitely seems to have a pretty unique take on Alfred and maybe there's where it takes its biggest leap. I'm not really sure how these books fit in now that DC has already attempted fresh starts with its characters in The New 52. But, again, I'll let Johns and Frank tell whatever stories they feel like telling.

Dial H #3

This has been a lovely little surprise of a book and really utilizing the H-Dial in some really wonderful ways. This is the precise kind of thing I wanted in The New 52.

Earth 2 #3

Issue 2 really went over a lot better with me than the first one. I like Earth 2 Jay Garrick quite a lot already and I'm curious to see how Alan Scott transitions to Green Lantern this issue. And maybe MAAAYBE Hawkgirl? Because yes please.

Invincible Iron Man #520

Is this really the conclusion of the "Long Way Down" storyline? (or as I've been calling it "Iron Man No More" and "Tony Stark Gets It Together") Tony Stark versus Mandarin in a fight to get his life back!

Punisher #13

UGHHHH PUNISHER YOU ARE SO GOOOOD WHYYYYY. Marvel recently revealed a bunch of teasers for a Punisher War Zone which looks a lot like a for-real-this-time Punisher Vs. The Marvel Universe. Chechetto art on the promos which I hope means it's still Rucka writing because this is the only Punisher I want to read and I want to read it forever. I don't know if that means the book being renamed/renumbered as Punisher War Zone or if they're just cribbing the title for an event/storyline but so long as it's this team, I don't much care.

Sweet Tooth #35

The secrets of the plague revealed!!! Not many issues left of this great series from Animal Man's Jeff Lemire.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12

I like the VERY different Spider-Man and Uncle relationship this book has. There's still that nice symmetry of having the boy's uncle be integral in his being Spider-Man, but Miles' uncle could not be more different from Peter's Uncle Ben and I think that's a nice way to twist it while still making it all so very Spider-Man.

Uncanny X-Men #15

Fancy Pants Cyclops coming down on Dapper Fellow Sinister as drawn by Daniel Acuna? Yes please.

Wolverine #310

FINALLY we get the story explaining just why it is that Sabretooth isn't dead anymore by the men who beheaded him in the first place. Loeb and Bianchi are back to glue that sucker back on and send him back to ruining Wolverine's life.

Worlds' Finest #3

It confounds me a little how much I am enjoying this book, particularly based on how dismissive I was of it prior to reading the first issue and now I am SHIPPING the characters for gosh sakes. UGH. But but but they're just so great together I mean looooook. How is an old man like Paul Levitz able to write such a cute pair of girls? I mean REALLY. Anyway...

'Til next time. Excelsior!

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