Monday, November 29, 2010

OCW - Doop

[EDIT: Upon deliberation, we've decided to change this feature from monthly to weekly. REJOICE!]

In case you may not have caught on yet, we at Comicbook Crossfire have decided to do something a little fun and different around here. Each week we're going to choose an "obscure character" and each take a stab at drawing them.

It fell to me to choose our inaugural Obscure Character of the Week and the first name that popped into my head was Doop from Peter Millgan and Mike Allred's beloved X-Force/X-Statix.

I hope you enjoy each of our takes on that creepy little cameraman. Tune in next week for another Obscure Character.


  1. Is Doop really that obscure? I mean for normal folks sure, but for the people here? I mean he even got an action figure, to be fair it was just as "accessory" to a Deadpool figure. Now Zarko the Flying Squid is obscure.

  2. I'll admit he's not as obscure as we could've gone. And since he was my pick, I'll take the blame for it. (but I'll also say that since I had less than a week to put in one for November, I was happy to go with something simple to draw and color)

    We'll try to skew a little more bottom-barrel in future installments.

    (though if you wanna go dictionary route, "not clearly understood or expressed" fits Doop pretty well as a definiton of obscure)

  3. I always though it rather obvious what Doop was. I mean he is clearly the end results of Apocalypse getting wasted one night and wanting to make a pickle into one of his Horsemen. We better all pray to our saviors that he never tries the same with a Twinkie.

  4. Let's hope Rick Remender doesn't read our blog or we could be seeing The Twinkie of the Apocalypse in Uncanny X-Force.

  5. Actually this got me thinking and since we are probably never going to get an origin for Doop I shall craft one myself. So prepare yourselves True Believers[Editor's note from the Soliciting Blue Saint:good mini-series by the way] for sense throttling origin of Marvel's mean, green, axe wielding, floating being DOOP!

    Well first things first adventure fans while our pal Doop maybe out of this world it doesn't mean he is, well not entirely anyway. For you see while he comes from Earth it just so happens to be another Earth, a parallel Earth. A place much like yours and mine yet in others way a much different one. Doop's Earth just so happens also be that of Milk and Cookies, which may seem like much but in such a huge multiverse it is rather amazing [Editor's note from the Sensationalist Blue Saint: Milk and Cookies hail from Earth-9047 and for our more interested readers you can learn about them here].

    But you see not only had our pal come from the same world as the Creamy and Crunchy Crusaders he was their friend and ally in the fight against evil. But back then he wasn't the Doop we have come to know and love, rather he was vigilante yet refreshing Coolcumber. For years he fought the good fight not only to balance the scales of justice but those of a balance diet too. This was until one day he realized he had become so bruised that his insides were mush. Dejected he wandered away from his friends and loved ones and right into the clutches of Powdered Eggs!

    You see Powdered Eggs was an ancient and supremely powerful survivalist with a belief that only those with the longest shelf-life deserved to exist. It was this in mind when he sought out Coolcumber and offered him a chance to regain his lost power and confidence. At lowest point of life he agreed to submit to an experiment he would regret for the rest of his life. The arcane PIK-LING that Powdered Eggs submitted our fair hero to not only effected his body it affected his mind. As was the design the process brainwashed Coolcumber in a loyal servant of Powered Eggs and to symbolize this transformation his new master dubbed him KILLCUMBER!

    Soon Powdered Eggs unleashed his minion onto the world where he came into conflict with his friends Milk and Cookies. Over the next few months they engaged in many battles with each other all the while the Palatable Pair tried to reason with their friend, sadly to no avail. This was until one day during a rather ferocious assault Killcumber felt a twinge in his side. Upon closer inspection he saw a bruise! With this he realized all of Powdered Egg's rhetoric were lies and broke down. While his friends came to comfort him he felt nothing but shame! It was this moment he decided to rededicate himself to justice, yet for him to never forget this point in his life he took a new name: The Dupe!

    Now dear readers this is far from the end. You must no doubt be wondering how our fine friend came to my world among other burning questions. All that will just have to wait for another time, but fear not I am sure it will be here sooner than you think. Until then remember to face front and that violence is the answer to every question!

  6. Bravo!! Bravo! Cut Print! Marvel Wiki... we have an update!

  7. To prepare yourselves for the next chapter in this novel length adventure we are proud to introduce to you the three remaining members of Powdered Egg's Four Course-Men! All who at one time, like Coolcumber, serve for the cause of justice. That is until they came under the thrall of Powdered Egg!

    Canned Spam - Once he was known as the mild flavored lawyer Matt Hamhock, champion of the wrongly accused. But he also had secret hidden from all those he held dear. Because as darkness fell onto Hell's Kitchen he became the feared avenger of the weak and bland: Deviled Ham!

    Tabasco Boss - Not long ago Tabasco Boss was the lovely yet spicy Virginia "Pepper" Sauce the trusted aide-de-camp to Anthony Stock, aka Tin-Can.

    Generalissimo Snackcake - Back during WWII he was the sentinel of liberty, Captain Cream! Although having countless allies none were closer or valuable to him then Private Peaches, who together were a delicious duo dolling out drubbings for democracy. This is until the faith day the Captain was put on ice...

    [Editor's note: Generalissimo Snackcake is actually a rather complex joke. Generalissimo is a term that commonly associated with banana republics. The joke here being that the cream filling in a Twinkie before WWII was banana flavored. To be fair this was the best joke I could come up with.]

  8. I hope you are ready action seekers because coming right at ya is the pulse-pounding, heart-stopping conclusion to untold story of daring and dapper do-gooder known only to us mortals as Doop!

    As we left our pickled hero not only had he shook Powdered Egg's grip on his mind he had reclaimed his soul as he rededicated himself to the cause of justice as The Dupe! While this may have been a loss for Powdered Egg he was far from beaten, since unknown to anyone else the Dupe was not whole unique. As it turns out the recent rash of disappearances in the superpowered community had been at the hand this sadistic survivalist. Since the Dupe was only meant to first of Powdered Egg's forces, the FOUR COURSE-MEN, and they had been given their first mission: reclaim their wayward comrade or die trying!

    The first attack of the Course-Men was devastating leaving the Dupe near death and a large swath of New York in ruin. The Course-Men were only run off thanks to the timely intervention of two allies, Tin-Can and, as shock to everyone, the recently revived Private Peaches now going by the name Winter Preserves. The next assault would prove to be the Course-Men's last, although the both Tabasco Boos and Canned Spam were able to be spared and eventually returned to normal, fate was much crueler to Generalissimo Snackcake. Though with his dying breathe he passed on his mantle onto Winter Preserves, who became Captain Cream and served with honor & distinction. But that is story for another time...

    It was after this cataclysmic battle the Dupe realized what he must do: put an end to Powdered Egg at all costs. Unfortunately for the Dupe he would have go into action right away since Powdered Egg had already moved on to his next target: the Nexus of All Realities. Finding it in a janitor's of a certain major Florida theme resort [Editor note from Corporate Synergistic Blue Saint: Where dreams come true]and quickly dispatching it's guardian, Mop-Thing, he readied him to venture into the Nexus he was confronted by the Dupe.

    The battle raged but the moment Powdered Egg had the upper-hand he tossed the Dupe to one side. Before the Dupe could right himself he saw to his horror Powdered Egg plunge into the Nexus. Realizing what needed to be done, even though it meant that he may very well he may see anyone he cared for again, he dove in after the madman.

    In a matter of minutes, or to his perception anyway, the Dupe was again met-up with his hated foe and their battle began anew. As their struggle went for time immemorial they both underwent strange changes, twisting their beings into shapes and forms beyond all human understanding. This disturbing state of existence went on until, by either a twist or divine fiat, one of the Dupe's punches shattered his ageless foe. As most of Powdered Egg's being turned to dust was absorbed by the Nexus a few shards slipped into another reality. Knowing that he still had a duty to rid all of existence of his foe he followed the last remaining piece's of Powdered Egg.

    Coming to in what seemed to be a swamp, he wondered what kind of world he now found himself...

  9. I had NO idea who the eff Doop was, so he Obscure enough for me. Sure we could call this "Life on the Z-List" or some other non-sense but really it's about drawing characters who may be unused, ridiculous or forgotten. We don't want to add more Deadpool drawings to the Universe, not when Nebula from the Defenders is out there. Hell, I was going to pick Batman's Humpty Dumpty, but then DC goes and features him in the Batman 80 page one shot this week.

    These are Obscure, if they are not obscure to you, congrats, you're one of the cool kids, grow a mustache, drink some PBR and please tell me about some shitty band I'll never like.

    Sorry, my hate of hippsters overwhelmed me. My point, "obscure" is our short-hand for those in the back ground, and they deserve their moment in our blog.

    Also I applaude the best Fan-fic I have read in a long time (well, fan-fic not involving a heated sex scene between Kirk and Mega-man at least.)

    Your's ever grumpy

  10. @Monty:

    Kirk/Mega-Man slash fic?

    Link plz.

    You know where to find me.

  11. Which Kirk by the way? TOS Kirk, Movie Kirk, Generations Kirk, or new movie Kirk? Or was it Mirror, Mirror Kirk I bet he was some real kinky stuff... Because I have this idea with Rush Super Adaptor and the agonizers, plus shirtless evil Sulu "pops" up.